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Founded in 1978, Tencarva Machinery Company supplies innovative engineering assistance, professional equipment selection with extensive product and parts inventory, as well as preventive maintenance and repair services to all its customers. Ed Pearce, Tencarva’s president, recently sat down with MPT to discuss the company’s recent acquisitions and his vision on building a reputation of quality and drawing in new customers. For more information, visit www.tencarva.com.
MPT: Tencarva Machinery Company recently acquired Dixie Pump & Machine Works of Brookhaven, Mississippi. What makes Dixie Pump & Machine Works such an attractive partner in the industry?
Ed Pearce: Tencarva did not have any local pump repair facility in Mississippi so the acquisition of Dixie filled that void. In turn, Dixie did not have a dedicated sales force actively soliciting repairs, which they now have through Tencarva Machinery Company, LLC. Tencarva Machinery Company, headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a distributor specializing in pumps, liquid process, and custom-designed systems for the industrial and municipal marketplace.
MPT: Tell our readers some of the history of Dixie Pump and how it aligns with Tencarva’s overall mission.

Ed Pearce: Dixie Pump & Machine Works was formed ten years ago as the result of a major industrial account near Brookhaven shutting down their pump repair operations. Several employees that had worked for that company joined together with several local investors to form Dixie for the sole purpose of providing pump repair services to their former employer. Dixie still continues to provide services to that account and has broadened their customer base to include other manufacturers in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.
MPT: In addition to Dixie Pump, Tencarva also purchased assets of a portion of Predictive Maintenance Consultants (PMC). What services does PMC provide and what separates it from the competition?
Ed Pearce: PMC provides infrared imaging to detect pump performance problems in advance of pumps crashing. They also do laser alignments of pumps and perform other services to prevent the pumps from failing, whereas Dixie repairs pumps that have failed.
MPT: What can existing customers of Tencarva and Dixie Pump expect going forward, and what new customers do you hope to bring to the table?
Ed Pearce: Tencarva Machinery Company, LLC, will rebrand Dixie Pump & Machine Works under the Tencarva name, and customers in the Mississippi marketplace can expect the same customer focus as they were used to experiencing under Dixie. Dixie is very customer focused and that was a major attraction for Tencarva. Going forward, the joint operations will not only have the ability to repair failing equipment, but also represent many leading pump manufacturers and will be able to sell new equipment when a repair is not economically sensible.
MPT: How do you see the joining of Dixie Pump to the Tencarva family benefiting pump users who were considering using Dixie Pump?
Ed Pearce: Tencarva has thirteen other repair facilities scattered throughout the Southeast, which all operate with a very rigorous quality program. Our pump mechanic training is extensive, and our resources allow us to provide numerous personnel during routine outages and still be able to handle the emergencies that always occur. Not to mention, Tencarva is the top provider of new pump equipment in the southeastern United States and will be able to provide new equipment when a repair is not financially feasible.◆
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