Surge Shield™
Surge Shield™ is the latest advancement of pump and pipeline protection from Blacoh. This innovative line is specifically designed to address the challenging water hammer conditions found in your facility’s pumping system. With standard sizes to fit tight confines and material variety to cover diverse applications, Surge Shield is ready to give you the long term solution for maintaining pump and piping integrity.  This product line is ideal for chemical process, petrochemical, industrial process, wastewater/potable water, and mining process pumping systems.
What causes surge or water hammer in a pumping system? The sudden closure of a valve with the pump running or the loss of power to the pump creates a dramatic change in pressure, which can often have dangerous and catastrophic results. Surge Shield™ can give and accept the pressure energy change to keep your pump’s piping safe and running smoothly. When coupled with Blacoh’s patented SurgeWave™ Transient Pressure Monitoring System, you have the comprehensive answer to show what is happening to your system during a surge event and how to protect it.
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