SEEPEX’s Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) means quick maintenance, short service downtime, and lower progressive cavity pump life-cycle costs. The SCT pump’s design enables the rotor and stator’s sealing line to be adjusted to suit the application and compensate for wear, leading to energy efficiency and more than double the lifetime of the rotor and stator. SCT also shortens the maintenance time on the rotor and stator by up to 85 percent. 

In SCT pumps, the compression between the rotor and the stator can be adjusted to achieve required pressure, thereby reducing torque and current requirements and operating costs. The stator is manufactured in two pieces covered by four metal segments. These segments are held in place by adjusting mechanisms that can be easily removed to replace the stator halves. 

Conventional pumps have rubber stators that are chemically bonded inside a metal tube that creates a fixed compression between the rotor and stator. Discharge piping must be removed to replace the stator, and if removing the rotor and stator, additional manpower or rigging is required. SCT pumps do not need to be removed for maintenance, nor does the suction or discharge piping need removing.

Conventional pumps have a one-piece rotor connected to the power train by means of a universal joint. To remove or replace the rotor, the universal joint needs to be dismantled. SCT pumps on the other hand incorporate a smart rotor design. The rotor is manufactured in two pieces: the rotor head and the rotor geometry. This allows the rotor geometry, the portion of the part that wears, to be replaced without disrupting the universal joint, reducing replacement time and cost.

When SCT pump parts need replacing (usually after two or three stator readjustments), only the rubber stator pieces and rotor geometry are discarded. Waste and the cost of disposal are reduced, impacting the overall carbon footprint and total cost of ownership.

SEEPEX SWITCH Performance Guarantee 

For added peace of mind when switching to a SEEPEX SCT pump. Customers who replace any brand PC pumps with a SEEPEX SCT or retrofit an existing SEEPEX pump will receive a three-year guarantee on wear parts: rotors, stators, seals, and universal joints.

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