FT025 1/4-inch AODD Pump

The new 1/4-inch AODD plastic pump features a unique lube-free non-stalling air valve that is simple, rugged, and reliable, requiring no separate or mechanical pilot valve. The air valve contains fewer parts than other options on the market, reducing maintenance time and costs. The pump also features a durable stainless steel airline connection for maximum reliability. This workhorse pump has an inherently simple and rugged design with fewer components than other AODD pumps to deliver long-term reliability for users. For more information, visit


Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers

The new ASO safety mats include five additional sizes of the standard black mats with straight or tapered edges, and four new mats in safety yellow. These safety products protect people and machinery from harm. Mats detect the presence of personnel on horizontal surfaces (usually the floor), edges can be used on any surface, usually near possible crushing or shearing points, and bumpers are used in applications involving vehicles or other moving equipment. For more information, visit


AMS Device Manager with FDI Registration

AMS Device Manager is now the first FDI host system to earn the right to display the FDI registration logo in product marketing materials. By pairing a registered FDI Device Package with a registered FDI host, end users are assured of achieving the multi-vendor interoperability FDI promise of “one device, one package, all tools.” In practice, this means any HART device supporting FDI will communicate seamlessly with AMS Device Manager, and with future host systems as these become registered. For more information, visit


Lithium-ion Battery Stations

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to deliver power from a compact size. Although they are used in a vast range of equipment, from handheld devices to cars, they are not as harmless as they appear, requiring special handling and care. Denios, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of storage containers for hazardous materials, introduces its new lithium-ion stations. Designed specifically for storing lithium-ion batteries, they are ideal for storing new, questionable, damaged, defective, or end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. For more information, visit


ProFlex Series 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffusers

The ProFlex Series 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffuser is a sought-after pollution control technology used to aerate or mix wastewater for effluent/sewage treatment, used to ensure that sewage and high SG (specific gravity) content is “agitated,” or diffused, to ensure proper mixing. The ProFlex 730 CBD is an engineered molded valve that, when submerged and charged with air, will create a series of bubbles strong enough to capture the sewage effluent and carry it to the surface of the tank. For more information, visit


DSN100 Plug and Receptacle

Meltric releases the DSN100, a new 100 A plug and receptacle—a switch-rated, 100 A, 600 VAC plug and receptacle fitted with Decontactor technology for peak performance and user safety. Meltric’s Decontactor technology allows their switch-rated plugs and receptacles to be safely connected and disconnected under full load, up to 200 amps and 100 horsepower, in wet or dry conditions. They combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one device. For more information, visit


8-inch Model 408S6 Ball Check Valve

The Model 408S6 ball check valve is now available in a full 316 stainless steel 8-inch design. A proven favorite in the wastewater industry for decades, Flomatic’s Model 408S6 ball check valves are American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant and designed according to AWWA C508 standard lay lengths. Flomatic’s ball check valves are anti-roping and self-cleaning with no sharp edges or snag points, which helps to prevent clogging from non-flushable wipes and other non-degradable sanitary products. They have been proven in wastewater lift stations for decades with a simple and reliable design. For more information, visit


Express II Remote Monitoring System

The Sensaphone Express II remote monitoring system easily integrates with existing floats, pump alarm outputs, and level transducers to let water facility operators mind the status of pumps, tank levels, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity levels, ventilation, carbon dioxide, power failure, and more. The Express II is on the job 24/7 and notifies designated users of changes in conditions, whether they are on site or away from the facility, and can alert up to forty-eight people with custom phone calls. For more information, visit


ST1000 Groundwater Sampling Pump

The ST1000, being 0.8 inches (20 millimeters) OD, can sample wells as small as 1-inch diameter at depths over 600 feet (183 meters), which is far deeper than other small diameter bladder pumps. Further, you can sample wells at almost unlimited depth with its optional drop tube inlet kit. This pump also fits larger wells with partial obstruction. The product of QED’s decades of experience and service, this pump proves reliable in many environments for years of reliable operation. For more information, visit


9159-650 Series Connectors

The new 9159-650 Series features twice as many proven-robust, gold-plated BeCu compression contacts as the 00-9159 Series it’s based on in roughly the same form factor and extends the current rating to 2.5A per contact to deliver exceptional reliability and high signal integrity performance in harsh environment automotive, industrial, and lighting applications. These new vertical, dual-row, top-entry card-edge connectors are available with four to twelve contacts rated for a full 2.5A each and arranged in a staggered, dual-row configuration. For more information, visit


1800N Series Valves

The 1800N series provides either modulating or on/off control in either two-way or three-way mixing. These valves also have diverting designs available in bronze, steel, and iron with a wide selection of trims, both electric and pneumatic actuators, and accessory instrumentation. These valves can be supplied in conformance with a variety of MIL-V-18030 service applications, including high pressure differentials, corrosive materials, liquids, gasses, steam, and seawater. For more information, visit

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