Seepex Bravo H

The SEEPEX BRAVO H is a skid mounted metering pump solution. It is suitable for all industries in applications where low pulsating and accurate metering of chemicals is a priority. The design utilizes SEEPEX’s Intelligent Metering progressive cavity pumps on a plug-and-play skid mounted system that includes piping, drives, and system control and calibration equipment, all in one compact unit. 


The progressive cavity pump technology provides laminar flow and a high degree of accuracy in chemical dosing applications. These key characteristics help reduce chemical usage, provide accurate dosing for line injection, and maintain necessary chemical levels without over or under feeding.


  • Less chemical use due to minimal pulsation 
  • Accurate, repeatable flow 
  • No vapor locking 
  • NSF/ANSI 61 certified progressive cavity pumps 
  • Single source for pumps and controls 
  • Quenchless seal design 
  • Low total cost of ownership 
  • Simplified design reduces installation and operating costs

The BRAVO H is the horizontal version of the SEEPEX BRAVO V. The horizontal orientation of the pumps reduces the required static head for operation, lowers the total unit center of gravity, and allows for a variety of seal options, including a quenchless design. This new design streamlines the pipework and provides a robust skid base to simplify installation and provide additional mounting options. 

The BRAVO H is available in simplex, duplex, and triplex configurations with any SEEPEX metering pumps with variable frequency drives. Standard voltage is single phase 1/60/115. Additional options include touch control, lead/follow protocols, flow meters, pressure gauges, and available transformers for 480 or 600 VAC supply.

Simplified System Design 

  • Reduces initial and operating costs while increasing process dependability 


  • Scalable, standardized modules for easy future expansion 

Reduced Chemical Usage 

  • Minimal pulsation and accurate, repeatable flow 


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