High-Purity Pressure Gauge with Reed Switch 

Ashcroft introduces a new safety feature to one of its popular and trusted high-purity pressure gauges. The Ashcroft 50-millimeter HPS high-purity pressure gauge with Reed Switch is ultrasonically cleaned to provide exceptional quality and reliability in ultra-high purity gas delivery systems. The Reed Switch capability provides an additional safety feature through actuating an internal switch that triggers an alarm or a process condition change. It’s an ideal choice for reducing installation costs and providing an added space reduction benefit. For more information, call 800.328.8258 or visit


9155-020 Series Board-to-Board Battery Connectors

Like the rest of the 9155 Series product family, the new 9155-020 Series 1.27-millimeter-pitch battery connectors feature ultra-robust and -reliable gold-plated beryllium copper (BeCu) contacts proven to establish and maintain high-integrity electrical connections in harsh application environments. The new 9155-020 Series is currently available in two-, three-, four-, and five-way variants. Two- and three-way variants are rated for a full 3A per contact, while four- and five-way variants are rated for 2A per contact, and all four immediately available part numbers are rated for 400VAC. For more information, visit


Pop Up Flood Barriers

New passive Pop Up Flood Barriers from Denios US automatically engage at the first flow of water, protecting buildings and their contents from damaging floods and spills. This unique FM-approved design is fully automatic and requires no external power source or compressed air supply. Flexible design allows installation on inside or outside of exterior doors, with widths available up to 12 feet. Constructed of solid welded stainless steel for chemical resistance and long service life, this self-contained one-piece design is factory adjusted and lubricated, and easily installs in existing doorways. For more information, visit


ProClean CIP Acid

Madison Chemical ProClean CIP Acid is a concentrated, low-to-moderate foaming blend of acids and surfactants which penetrates and removes films, oxide, milkstone, and other soil from dairy and food processing equipment. This NSF registered product is ideal as an acid cleaner (A3) on all surfaces in and around food and beverage processing areas and is not intended for direct food contact. It can be used in most circulation systems to clean tanks, pipes, and equipment-in-place. Pro-Clean CIP Acid is used periodically to remove films, oxide, and scale by manual application. For more information, visit


ecocirc Variable Speed ECM Smart Circulator

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, launches its new ecocirc 20-18/ecocirc+ 20-18 Variable Speed ECM Smart Circulator. The newest generation variable speed ECM smart circulator, ecocirc 20-18, provides a highly efficient product for both heating and cooling as well as potable water. The ecocirc+ 20-18 model comes with additional premium features such as Bluetooth communication, allowing wireless connectivity directly to a smartphone or tablet for remote access control. The ecocirc 20-18 works for most residential systems and potable water systems, including heating and cooling systems, residential buildings, and domestic hot water systems. For more information, visit


M12 Data Cables, Power Cables, and Field Wireable Connectors

New Murrelektronik data cables are high-flex shielded Ethernet Cat5e cables offering various connector styles, including D-coded M12 to M12, M12 to RJ45, RJ45 to RJ45, and M12 to pigtail. These cables are flame-retardant and chemical resistant with a tough TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) jacket for typical industrial applications. A selection of RJ45 IDC field wireable connectors and adapters have also been added to provide custom terminations for specific applications. Supporting Cat5e and Cat6a Ethernet with a variety of cable outlet options, these connectors and adapters are an easy solution for complex field-wiring needs. For more information, visit


i-FILL Micro Pump

When pharmaceutical manufacturers or specialty chemical processers need to automate R&D, lab, or production filling of small volumes of high-value product with exceptional accuracy, Intellitech’s i-FILL Micro pump is designed for the job. It is the latest addition to the company’s i-FILL family of precision liquid dispensing pump technology and single-use systems. To avoid wasting any high-value product, which can take months to formulate and be worth thousands of dollars per ml, the device is designed to pump dry and does not drip between dispensing batches. This eliminates product loss at the end of a batch run. For more information, visit


Graphical Panel Meters and Hour Meters/Counters

These panel meters feature a programmable 40-segment curved bar graph display that provides an instant visual representation of an analog meter. In addition, they have a large four-digit readout, dynamic backlight color, customizable messages, and alarms to alert operators when a parameter is out of range. The updated free configuration software includes ten alarm points, a twenty-point non-linear conversion table, and better scaling. These panel meters come with a three-year warranty and are UL listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. For more information,


Marathon Globetrotter AC Motors

The new Marathon Globetrotter motors are high-quality three-phase general-purpose motors that can be controlled by an inverter and are rated up to 200 horsepower. Globetrotter motors are offered in open-drip-proof enclosures and rolled steel TEFC enclosures, as well as models in a cast-iron enclosure rated for areas classified as hazardous locations. A new series of three-phase permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors, the Marathon SYMAX, can only be powered and controlled by a VFD but provide improved efficiency even at lower speeds and partial loads. For more information, visit


L7S Brushless Servo Systems

LS Electric servos systems provide extremely accurate motion control and include the most requested features—setup wizards, auto-tuning, built-in indexer, and more—in an extremely cost-effective package. The L7S family of brushless servo systems is fully digital and capable of covering a broad range of motion control applications. There are five standard servo motors that can be operated in combination with one of two standard servo drives. Setup is easy using the built-in keypad/display or the free DriveCM PC-based software. For more information, visit


0229 Series Connectors

These connectors are compactly designed for installation in constrained spaces, and they are available in mating plug designs with various pin counts of up to forty poles. They are suitable for making high density connections, and I/O wiring connections to controllers. The standard configuration is for inline splicing, while other configurations allow affixing the connector to a surface with screw flanges, self-locking tabs, or lock-and-release levers. Easily operated flange latch designs ensure user-friendly and reliable connector mating. For more information, visit


AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings

AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings have been made standard equipment on the Baldor-Reliance Food Safe line of motors. These rings protect motors by channeling VFD-induced bearing current safely to ground. Continuous circumferential rows of conductive microfibers, embedded securely in the ring’s patented AEGIS FiberLock channel, completely surround the motor shaft and provide millions of discharge points for harmful shaft voltage. This unique design creates the path of least resistance that effectively diverts current away from the bearings to ground. The microfibers themselves are specially engineered for exceptional conductivity and flexibility to minimize wear and prevent breakage. For more information, visit