Tornado T1 Rotary Lobe Pump

The Tornado T1 pump is extremely versatile for just about any orientation and installation. Its robust design offers longevity, operational flexibility, and dry-run capabilities. It allows the pump to operate and handle many upset process conditions without causing harm to the pump. The pumps are available up to over 4,000 gallons per minute and up to 130 psi. Netzsch Tornado T1 is a full service-in-place (FSIP) pump. The front pullout design allows for easy access for maintenance and inspection. For more information, visit


Optisonic 6300 Flowmeter

The newest iteration of the Krohne Optisonic 6300 flowmeter for permanent mount installation is particularly suitable for flow measurement of liquids at any location where inline measurement is not possible or desirable. The flowmeter features new robust stainless-steel clamp-on rails which can be very easily attached to virtually any pipe up to 160-inchdiameters with metal straps or with newly available magnetic mounts. All versions come with a wall-mounted or field mounted ultrasonic signal converter. For more information, visit


Qdos Chemical Metering Pumps

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) will be showcasing its Qdos range of peristaltic chemical metering pumps at WEFTEC 2022 (Booth 7047). Qdos pumps are offered with wall, floor or tote mounting options via standard and custom skid systems and enclosures. Qdos skid and POD systems feature a calibration column, pressure gauge isolator, pressure relief valve and piping. A pressure relief valve ensures pump and piping are protected against over-pressure. For more information, visit



The newly redesigned TechnoFlow gives operators and technicians data logging capabilities as well as improved safety features. The TechnoFlow units are designed to work with SIFCO Process solutions that are best plated at an elevated temperature. One major improvement is the pump adapter plate that provides better access to the frame mounting screws, making removing the large 14 gallons-per-minute pump easier. Improvements have also been made to the pump connector plugs. For more information, visit

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