As the world around us becomes more and more automated, an understanding of electrical control systems becomes more and more vital. Manufacturers, as well as the technicians, integrators, and/or engineers they employ, know firsthand the benefits automation provides. In fact, for many, automation has been the key to their success. That’s why we feel the more people know about automation, the more prepared they are to succeed in a world that’s increasingly automated.

Access free video libraries that explain the fundamentals of PLC control from entry level programming to advanced PLC functions. The online video series initially offered non-brand specific PLC basics with topics on logic gates, basic switches, sinking and sourcing, scan time, I/O fundamentals, memory addressing and more. Additionally, the course provides in-depth training on AutomationDirect’s families of PLCs including the award-winning CLICK PLC. No time or viewing limitations, simply enter your email address to register your account or continue your training. 

AutomationDirect offers tens of thousands of high-value industrial automation products, both name brand and private-labeled, that are chosen by our product engineers for their best-in-class features, price, and quality. Our name-brand products come from companies such as Fuji Electric, EATON, and Hubbell/Wiegmann. We also co-engineer many of our private labeled products with the manufacturer to ensure our customers are getting the features they ask for at prices they can afford. And, once a purchase is made our automated facility has an order accuracy of 99.98 percent but we do offer a thirty-day money back guarantee on most products for any last-minute changes customers may need. And, orders over $49 ship free of charge.  

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