Capable of cutting complex parts from virtually any material, this workhorse water jet system is designed to provide years of dependable service in harsh industrial environments. Its sturdy design separates the motion system from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration, and ensuring maximum part quality.
The Mid Rail Gantry water jet cutting machine utilizes the AquaVision Di industrial PC controller. It is ball-screw driven for optimal precision and features direct-couple AC brushless digital servo motors and single or double carriages. Critical bearing components are protected with heavy metalcovers with brush seals and positive air pressure.
Available in many sizes, from 5 x 5 feet (1500 x 1500 millimeter) to 24 x 13 feet (7300 x 4000 millimeter), the Mid Rail Gantry supports multiple cutting heads to maximize productivity. Optional mirroring capabilities make it possible to cut part cycle time in half. Optional Permalign® EDGE technology eliminates taper and cuts bevels to 55 degrees.
Standard Features:

  • Table sizes: 5 x 5 feet (1500 x 1500 millimeter) to 24 x 13 feet (7300 x 4000 millimeter)
  • Abrasivejet cutting head
  • Closed loop drive system on X and Y Axis
  • AC digital brushless servo motors, absolute encoders, SERCOS communication platform
  • Preloaded anti-backlash recirculating ball screws
  • Linear bearings with hardened precision ground ways
  • Split Y-axis drive system (dual motors)
  • Industrial PC controller
  • Variable feed-rate override for contouring and rapid motions
  • Individually controlled water, and abrasive functions
  • Auto, MDI (manual data input), and manual operation
  • Full-featured hand-held pendant
  • High pressure whip delivery system with hand valve
  • Larger tables feature scissor arm high pressure plumbing to X-axis bridge; whip line high pressure plumbing to Z axis.

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