The Horizontal Split Case is the heavy lifter in the Patterson H2O Works™ municipal pumps line. This field-proven design moves clear water or low-viscosity clear industrial process liquids at moderate heads more economically than any other type of pump. High volume, ample head and rugged, simple design combine to provide extended service life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption. The medium and high heads are offered for water duties, including city water booster service, brine and hot water circulation, hot well and make up water service, low viscosity liquid handling and power plant condenser circulation. The split casing provides easy access to all rotating parts. The Patterson HSC line meets Hydraulic Institute Standards in capacities from 50 gpm to more than 100,000 gpm, with single stage heads to 550 feet and two-stage heads to 1150 feet. Available with up to 48-inch discharge outlets, these pumps also offer vertical, horizontal and custom configurations to meet individual needs.
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