Hoosier Pattern prides itself on being innovative and consistently raising the bar within the industry while maintaining the level of quality they are known for. Back in 2013, Hoosier was the first top service center to own and operate their own 3D sand printer in the United States. As of summer 2018, Hoosier will be the only service provider to own and operate two 3D sand printers under their roof along with maintaining a third printer in their facility as well. 

Customers are the driving force behind everything Hoosier does and this expansion is no different. This will allow Hoosier to take on jobs that once had to be turned away due to capacity restrictions. The current turnaround time for printed sand of ten days will remain standard; however, the possibility to turn printed parts around sooner—if needed—for customers has greatly increased.

On top of the addition of the third sand printer in house, Hoosier has recently added a five-axis machining, three Doosan DNM 650’s, two Johnford Bridge mills, and most recently, a robotic milling cell to machine plastic patterns to the machining side of the shop. All of these additions allow Hoosier to maintain current customers as well as take on new customers with more complex projects.