Helwig Carbon

One of the fastest growing areas in the pumping industry is bearing protection. When VFD drives control pump motors, you get significant energy savings and longer pump life. The downside is the induced shaft currents that are created in the pump motor will discharge through the motor bearings and cause frosting, fluting, noise, and eventual failure. This downtime can be costly. These induced currents can be mitigated by installing a Bearing Protection Kit (BPK) with a silver graphite brush on the motor or pump. This engineered solution will provide a path of least resistance for the induced currents and lead them to ground without going through the bearings. You will experience longer pump life, less costly downtime, fewer returns, and satisfied end users with a Helwig Carbon Products BPK.

Helwig Carbon also makes mechanical carbons for pump applications. These components are used for vanes, rotors, seals, bushings, and bearings in a variety of pumps. These precision machined carbon components maintain tight tolerances. Carbon graphite bushings are self-lubricated and can operate at high temperatures. A wide variety of grades and sizes are in stock, plus we can manufacture custom parts quickly. For more information, visit www.helwigcarbon.com.