In industrial environments, accurately tracking assets means knowing what you have, where it is, and its condition. InfoSight Corporation’s metal tags withstand physical challenges including heat, abrasion, and exposure to ultraviolet light and enable error-proof tracking that can be maintained throughout an asset’s lifespan. 

InfoSight’s tags can be used to track a wide variety of assets. One application is for plants that are required to have Leak Detection and Repair Programs. InfoSight’s LDAR Tag System gives plants control over each LDAR component’s unique ID number and tag supply. Customers order blank tags and print new ones only as needed. Additionally, InfoSight’s unique LDAR tag design allows the attached tag to be read from either side. 

InfoSight’s durable metal tags can be applied directly to the asset or attached using a flexible wire type tie. The software included with InfoSight’s laser tag printers allows the user to design tags that include alphanumeric messages, barcodes, and logos. A scan of the barcoded tag can confirm that the operator is checking the correct asset, update service records to show the completed work, or access notes and technical information via a customer’s IT system. 

InfoSight tags make asset identification and tracking simple.