Water and wastewater utilities are executing ambitious decarbonization goals, according to a new survey of 100 utilities in North America and Europe. Sponsored by global water technology leader Xylem, the survey finds that 75 percent of respondents intend to achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals by 2040 or earlier, 48 percent of respondents have set a net-zero emissions goal, and 42 percent have set an emissions reduction goal.

“The water sector has an important role in the global effort to reduce GHG emissions,” says Patrick Decker, president and CEO at Xylem. “Our sector is energy intensive. However, smart application of technology makes it possible to manage water far more efficiently and affordably. Increasingly, utilities are finding ways to deploy technology to become more resilient and reduce emissions, while also addressing many of their operational concerns.”

The implementation of new and innovative products and solutions can help utilities advance their decarbonization strategies. As highlighted in its recently launched 2022 Sustainability Report, Xylem’s cutting-edge technologies have enabled customers to reduce their carbon footprint by more than 2.8 million metric tons since 2019.