Sigma Group, one of Europe’s leading industrial pump manufacturers, has specified Thordon Bearings’ grease-free bearings for installation to the specialized pumping sets destined for flood defense and irrigation projects across Egypt.

In total, Thordon is supplying sixty-four of its water-lubricated Composite bearings for use in forty-nine Sigma BQBV vertical diagonal pumps specified for projects along the Nile River and the Sinai Peninsula.

Sigma has already delivered nine 800-BQBV pumps for projects in North Sinai, while twelve 1400-BQBV pumps are scheduled for installation at the El-Hammam agricultural wastewater treatment facility. Twenty-eight 1500-BQBV pumps are also being built for the mammoth Mostakbal Misr project (a project for agricultural production in the Western Desert) with deliveries taking place from June 2023 through to April 2024.

“Pumps installed on the river Nile operate in very abrasive water. As a result of these harsh operating conditions, the bronze bearings these pumps are typically fitted with last only one to two years. Sigma wanted a much more robust, abrasion-resistant solution,” says Josef Hozák, managing director, Eribos, Thordon’s authorized distributor in Czech Republic.