Gas Clip

It even detects in oxygen-depleted or oxygen-enriched environments. Reliably test for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and combustible gases (LEL) with this simple-to-use and simple-to-maintain detector.

Audible, visual, and vibrating alarms alert instantly when the gas level you set is detected. From the moment gas is detected, until it is no longer present, data is stored on the detector in one second intervals providing the full picture of an event. Bump tests and calibrations are also stored. Full access to this needed information is available to your management team using a laptop or computer and a GCT IR Link or MGC Simple Dock. Data is automatically formulated on a simple-to-read Excel spreadsheet, which saves you the unnecessary expense of outside record maintenance.

What makes this ultra-durable detector able to perform this well for this long even under the harshest of conditions? The secret is the sensor technology. The MGC Simple Plus uses energy-efficient Infrared Sensor Technology inside the LEL combustible gas sensor. Gas is detected with an infrared beam of light which doesn’t require the presence of oxygen and doesn’t rapidly drain the battery enabling the battery to last for years instead of hours. The infrared LEL sensor is immune to sensor poisons eliminating the need to regularly calibrate to offset signal loss. The sensor won’t burst if suddenly exposed to high gas levels and it doesn’t contain fragile parts that can easily break. Operation is fail-safe. All these features add up to a durable and dependable detector that lasts for years and years.

Gas Clip Technologies’ continued development and refinement of advanced low-power photometric infrared technology for LEL measurement found in this newest member of their gas detector family makes gas detection simpler and safer than ever! Detectors are available through distributors worldwide.

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