Kinetic System™

Industrial air conditioner cooling units are typically the go to solution for cooling sealed enclosures. What many people fail to consider is that a cooler ambient environment could be used to help cool your warmer electrical enclosure. This new air to air technology takes advantage of a cooler ambient environment especially in harsh (dusty, oily, dirty) conditions when closed-loop cooling is required. This new technology offers considerable saving compared to a traditional AC unit. This is a perfect solution for those looking to reduce the energy, maintenance, and footprint associated with traditional enclosure cooling units. For more information,

Swing-Flex® Check Valves

Val-Matic’s Swing-Flex® Check Valves are designed for many years of maintenance free service. The Swing-Flex® Check Valve has a non-clog design with only one moving part and a short, 35-degree stroke provides fast closure to minimize slamming and slam related surges. It is constructed of ductile iron with cold working pressures up 250 psi making it ideal for systems where traditional 125-pound valves were unsuitable and for those where surges may be a concern. The valve design and performance has been verified through an independent 1,000,000 cycle test. The valves smooth, unrestricted flow path makes it an excellent choice for sludge and slurries. Swing-Flex® Check Valves are both NSF/ANSI 372 Certified Lead-Free, NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for Drinking Water, and are designed and manufactured to AWWA C508. For more information, visit

C-Series AODD Pumps

Almatec®, part of PSG®, a Dover company and premier manufacturer of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, announces the release of its new C-Series AODD pump. Ideally suited for virtually any pumping application where an oscillating pump can be found, C-Series pumps have been specifically developed to be a cost-effective alternative to similar plastic pumps while retaining the reliable and solid design typical of all Almatec pumps. What further separates the C-Series from competitive pumps is a unique design that enables the housing parts to be tightened to each other via housing bolts. For more information, visit or

WEDA Electric Submersible Pumps

Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) has introduced five new electric submersible pumps to the North American market. WEDA pumps are ideal for dewatering of construction sites, mines, flooded areas, and more where small, lightweight, portable and easily maintained pumps are required to perform daily jobs quickly. Designed for handling liquid with abrasive particles, the five submersible pumps include the WEDA 10, 30, 40, 50+, and 60+. They provide fast and efficient dewatering for a wide variety of applications, including excavations in construction areas, general dewatering requirements at mines, shipyards and other industrial sites, fire brigades, utility installations and repairs, maintenance and cleanup tasks in urban areas, and government and military response, and preparedness programs. For more information, visit

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