At Atlas Copco, we are driven by innovation. Our new PAC Flow Series pumps are designed with three key features in mind: performance, technology, and serviceability that bring you best-in-class performance.

The PAC F66 and F88 feature an enclosed impeller that can pass a 3-inch spherical solid, meaning when it comes to flow and performance, it can get the job done. Our carefully thought-out design brings you up to 82 percent efficiency. Our priming system is powered by a diaphragm vacuum pump that delivers 50 cfm, meaning you get a faster prime and can start pumping quicker. 

When crafting our Flow Series, we kept the same design components as other Atlas Copco pumps. Our polyethylene fuel tanks have a massive advantage against steel fuel tanks that prevent any oxidation within the tank, thus increasing the lifetime of the fuel system. 

Another technological advantage within the PAC Flow range is our QR code. Scan the QR code on your mobile device to take you to Power Connect, connecting you with relevant machine information and documents, all in the palm of your hand.

One of the greatest features of the PAC Flow pumps is the ease of serviceability. We designed these units with our patented swing-door solutions that give you access to the impeller and the heart of the pump within minutes. Two additional features that enhance serviceability are our semi-cartridge seal design and link belt. Both actively reduce your mean time to repair, so you can continue your operations quicker and more efficiently. 

With flows up to 3,950 gallons per minute and heads to 200 feet, you can easily transfer and dewater in quarry and mining applications, complete sewer bypasses, and provide diesel backup systems for sewer lift stations. No matter the application, the Atlas Copco Flow Series can get the job done.

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