Design Envelope Fire Pump with Fire Pump Manager

Armstrong Fluid Technology has unveiled its Design Envelope Fire pump unit along with Fire Pump Manager, a new, connected service for tracking pump performance. In addition to providing important new safety benefits, Design Envelope Fire Pump holds the distinction of being the first self-regulating variable-speed fire pump to meet NFPA-20 (2019 Edition), Section 4.8 standards. Armstrong believes engineers, contractors, and owners will get the best possible performance and value from fire safety systems at every phase in the life-cycle of a building. For more information, visit


Signal Interface Modules

Dinkle International announces availability of its complete line of interface modules, used to simplify and improve reliability of automation connections and signal conversions, in a compact form factor. Users will realize many benefits in their designs by taking advantage of these universal interface modules. When creating automation systems using major PLC brands like Allen-Bradley, Keyence, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, and more, designers are challenged to connect an ever-increasing number of equipment signals to the I/O modules. For more information, visit


Klippon Connect Terminal Blocks

Klippon Connect high-current terminal blocks support the entire panel building process with their convincing concept. Whether it’s simple handling when connecting the conductors, more space in the control cabinet, or time savings during installation: Klippon Connect makes a significant contribution towards increasing productivity, efficiency, and safety. The range of individual terminal block systems, prefabricated blocks, and various mounting options leaves nothing to be desired. Customers can choose from three-, four-, and five-pole block variations. Prefabricated supply blocks reduce the number of variations and storage costs. For more information, visit


Steady Link Series-S GPS and Sync Cable Assemblies

NAI’s Steady Link Series-S Cable Assemblies provide high precision FTSP performance for use with Nokia AirScale wireless systems and cellular installations. Series-S Cable Assemblies accommodate the growing demand for 5G mobile networks. They will accommodate a variety of 5G applications, from small office/home office (SOHO) to airports, commercial enterprises, and even deep rural villages. These interconnects support the challenges of the rapidly developing internet of things (IoT) for high-capacity networks with simultaneously connected devices and low latency. For more information, visit