The next big step in liquid ring technology, the LRP 700-1000 VSD series is perfectly suited to wet, humid, and dirty applications with high temperatures and extreme vapor loads. Atlas Copco’s liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed for energy and water efficiency. In addition to the high, stable vacuum performance, the liquid ring pumps are energy-efficient and ensure low operating and maintenance costs. Equipped with two variable speed drives (VSD: Variable Speed Drive Technology) the vacuum system saves energy and water: The first of the VSD twins maintains the required vacuum level by precisely controlling the operating speed of the pump, which ultimately reduces power consumption. The second drive controls the water circulation pump and thus optimizes the water flow in the pump.

With its compact design, the LRP VSD+ installation saves space. What’s more, a soundproof bonnet insulates the background noise in the immediate working environment to a pleasant level of 65 dB(a). The ease of operation rounds off the ergonomic advantages: Inlet, outlet and power cable connections are located on the top of the pump for easy installation. These easily accessible features make the solution as a whole an uncomplicated plug-and-play product.

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