Liquid Level Measuring Sensors 

The Liquid Level Measuring Sensors include a remote dashboard to view information such as inventory levels, delivery alerts, fill alerts, and more. The sensors are easy to install in existing riser openings or directly onto plastic tanks without the need for a riser, are CE Conformance and ROHS Compliant, and come with a one-year warranty.  For more information,


TEQ Series Waist Belt Transmitters

Waist belt transmitters are versatile tools suitable for any industry where hands-free operation and mobility are essential for productivity and safety. The Tele Radio TEQ line is specially developed for the demanding mobile and industrial hydraulics sector. They are suited for the most complex control solutions. The Tele Radio waist belt transmitters are widely used on crane applications and construction machinery. For more information, visit


Aptos (Body)

Gentle and low-pulsation dosing of aggressive chemicals without pressure peaks and with minimized dead time. This is made possible by Memdos Smart. At the heart of the new diaphragm dosing pumps from Lutz-Jesco is a drive with a microprocessor-controlled stepper motor. Unlike standard motors, however, the motor can be run asynchronously. For more information, visit


Pista Turbo Grit Washer

This cutting-edge grit washer technology utilizes proven techniques to optimize grit separation, meeting rigorous environmental standards. The Pista Turbo Grit Washer boasts a sleeker, space-saving design when compared to European-style grit washers. Employing Tri-cleanse Technology, the Pista Turbo Grit Washer delivers clean, dry grit with less than 5 percent organic material. For more information, visit