When William Wanner patented the “Hydra-Cell” positive displacement pump he invented more than forty years ago, he hit upon a concept for seal-less pumping technology that would develop into one of the most versatile and reliable pumps on the market today.

Hydra-Cell pumps provide dependable performance in applications as varied as oil and gas field transfer, precise metering for chemical injection, pumping high-pressure machine tool coolant, reverse osmosis, boiler feed, and many other plant and processing operations. Its seal-less design and patented diaphragm protection control enable the pump to run dry without damage.


  • Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps including the enhanced D15 vertical and D17 horizontal models
  • T100, T200, Q155, and new Q330 Series large-capacity pumps
  • Hydra-Cell P Series and MT8 “pulse-free” metering pumps 
  • S Series solenoid metering pumps
  • Stan-Cor ANSI centrifugal pumps and Vector peristaltic pumps 


  • World headquarters and manufacturing in Minneapolis
  • Business units in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Brazil, and Texas
  • Distributors in seventy-six countries worldwide
  • More than 100 distributor locations in North America

To learn more, visit www.hydra-cell.com or contact sales@wannereng.com.