CCI Piping Systems has been protecting your infrastructure since 1995, proving itself time and again with innovative solutions, creative ideas, and a firm commitment to our customers. It is our belief that a high standard of quality in the manufacture and distribution of pipe protection products can be achieved reliably, honorably, and profitably. We also believe that in order to truly achieve success, we must continue to deliver the most up-to-date technology at the most competitive prices in order to assist our customer in meeting their product and industry needs.

Quality products manufactured by CCI Piping Systems include:

  • Casing Spacers and End Seals
  • Wrap-It Link™ Wall Penetration Seals and Wall Sleeves
  • Pipe Supports
  • ArmorCote™ U-Bolts
  • WrapidSeal™ Manhole Encapsulation System

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