Hydraulic mixing is a dirty job that requires a durable pump to keep things flowing smoothly. The Vaughan Rotamix® system is the world’s most cost-effective and durable means of mechanical hydraulic mixing for sludge tanks, digesters, and other high-volume applications. Cutting-edge and American-made, the Vaughan Rotamix® pairs the original Vaughan Chopper Pump with a set of high-velocity nozzles to mix the tank, handling any tough solids. 


As treatment plant operators know, the absence of hydraulic mixing leads to thick sludge and difficult-to-pump slurries. To solve this problem, The Rotamix® system incorporates several basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including uniform and vortical fields of flow, induced flow and surface contact. Combined, this unique mixing system optimizes solids contact due to the homogeneous state.


Nobody else in the market can claim to have the Rotamix® system’s nozzle assemblies and the Vaughan Chopper Pump. The system’s mixing power is supplied by fixed nozzle assemblies installed at a factory-specified angle and permanently tightened so no additional adjustments are required. These high-velocity nozzles offer a ten-year warranty and increase the effective mixing volume, inducing entrained fluid which significantly increases the overall mixing effect. In a uniform flow field, the entire contents rotate as a solid unit with the highest velocity on the outside. In a vortical flow field, fluid velocities are the greatest at the center, thus creating a vertical-axis vortex. With multi-zone mixing, average velocities are higher and steadier, preventing solids from settling in the center.

The heart of the Rotamix® system is the Vaughan Chopper Pump, which provides clog-free pump operation. Vaughan’s proven technology over the past sixty years provides low maintenance and the highest reliability of any chopper pump. Continuously chopped solids not only eliminate nozzle clogging but enhance sludge quality. Digester efficiency is increased by further reducing solids’ size and increasing surface contact.

Using custom engineering software, each application is analyzed and sized by Vaughan® in order to achieve the desired mixing effect. The Rotamix® system may be applied in circular, rectangular, oval tanks and basins and other unique process configurations such as egg-shaped digesters, CSO tunnels, and pump stations. No more issues with conventional system—just real cost-effective sludge mixing.


Family-owned and operated, Vaughan Company specializes in durability with over sixty years of experience and four generations of expertise. By combining exceptional technology with a history of unmatched pump reliability and customer support, the Vaughan Rotamix® is engineered to handle whatever your job requires.  

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