Venables Machine Works Ltd., a large manufacturing and machining firm based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, has been appointed as an authorized distributor and service provider for Thordon Bearings’ industrial bearings portfolio. The formal agreement follows a ten-year collaboration in which Venables provided sales and engineering support to Thordon’s customers across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

The company, which will focus on Thordon’s SXL and XL polymer bearings and engineered thermoplastics, ThorPlas-Blue and ThorPlas-White, has a successful history providing custom pieces for Canada’s steel mills, the region’s mining industry and generally supporting industrial pump and machinery repairs.

“Venables is adept at machining and engineering Thordon’s elastomeric material and, therefore, a logical choice to further develop the area and create new opportunities in new markets that Thordon has not traditionally had access to,” says Scott Groves, regional manager, Thordon Bearings.

Axel Swanson, business development manager, Thordon Bearings, concurs, “Non-traditional applications that utilize our family of products can prove lucrative in heavy industries, as the wear rate of traditional materials can be excessive, requiring frequent bearing replacement.”