Grundfos announces the groundbreaking of its Americas Regional Center, located in Brookshire, Texas. The 45,000 square foot facility is expected to be completed during the spring of 2021. Grundfos is currently seeking to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The new offices will house company sales, operations, engineering, HR, finance, and other support functions.

With its sustainable green building design by PGAL, and construction by Harvey Builders, the structure will be made of locally sourced building materials verified to have been sourced in a responsible manner. Solar photo-voltaic panels mounted on the roof will offset 20 percent or more of the building’s energy costs. A chilled water energy storage system will reduce energy consumption. And a rainwater harvesting system will support chillers and gray water use.

Sustainability is a major priority for Grundfos. In addition to manufacturing energy- and water-efficient pumping solutions, the company tightly focuses on making a difference on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 6 (water) and 13 (climate change). This focus allows the company to help other companies be more sustainable and reach the goals together.