Acquired by Sulzer in 2004, Johnston Pump is as a specialist range of vertical pumps recognized for their reliability and used extensively in the power and water industry throughout the United States. As a recognized leader in the municipal water industry, as well as irrigation and flood control, the Johnston Pump name is familiar to several generations of operators. Sulzer is equally well-known for its quality and extensive product range in the oil and gas and power generation sectors; so, with both benefitting from extensive service and manufacturing facilities in North America the brands sit well together.

The Sulzer management and operational teams are confident to provide reassurance that the attributes of high-quality engineering and reliability associated with Johnston pumps have been retained and refined over the past sixteen years. Manufacturing standards within the current production facilities remain extremely high with extensive testing capabilities within Sulzer to ensure that every product is delivered to the exact specification required.

Randy Milton, sales and tendering manager at Sulzer, comments: “We are really excited to be bringing such a strong brand back into prominence in the market. Even after sixteen years, we have several staff members who are looking forward to seeing the product lines back in the traditional green color.”

The Johnston product range, which has been adopted by Sulzer globally, is renowned for its reliability and versatility. For the water and wastewater industries, the ability to engineer a base pump design to suit individual applications is very important. It ensures the essential design features are retained while the specifications match the operation, delivering an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Milton adds, “Our customers will really get the best of both worlds now. A familiar brand with the dependability and quality of the Johnston products, together with the engineering and maintenance support available through Sulzer’s extensive service center network.”  

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