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The densely populated (35,000) British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar is set to have its first wastewater treatment plant.

Whether it’s for large-scale recreational use or meeting the standards of an Environmental Impact Assessment, Modern Water will be bringing its expertise around the globe to wherever it’s needed. As the owner of leading technologies for water and wastewater treatment and the monitoring of water quality, Modern Water has two projects on the horizon that serve as a testament to the company’s growth and vision.


A major new safari theme park in Oman, owned by a senior member of the Sultanate’s Royal Family, has chosen an AquaPak desalination plant from Modern Water. The customer will use the produced water for the theme park, guest accommodation in hotel villas, and camp site, theme park rides, hospitality units, irrigation, and animal welfare. Modern Water also provided advice on the water distribution network for the park.

Modular and quick to install, AquaPak will provide high quality water for the park that is designed by John Chipperfield, part of the same family that has been synonymous with providing entertainment for over 300 years, including the world’s first safari park at Longleat in England, over half a century ago.

Low on energy consumption and capable of supplying between 26,400 and 132,000 gallons per day, and capable of being combined in a modular way to achieve even higher capacity, Modern Water’s self-contained AquaPak system is suitable for a variety of water supply applications, including potable, industrial, temporary or emergency, construction sites, oil and gas facilities, as well as leisure resorts, golf courses, and hotel complexes—even in extremely remote locations.

On Gibraltar, Modern Water must ensure that the new plant has a very small footprint.


Modern Water has also submitted an application for planning permission to build Gibraltar’s first ever wastewater treatment plant at an estimated cost (according to the planning application) of $32 million.

Located on Europe’s southern-most point to the South of Spain, the densely populated (35,000) British Overseas Territory and headland, (just 2.62 square miles) has already seen preparatory works that included basic design, survey, and the Environmental Impact Assessment required for full planning and environmental approvals—as well as preliminary site works.

Collaborating with its UK-based joint venture partner NWG Commercial Services Ltd. (Northumbrian Water), with whom it secured preferred bidder status in October 2014, Modern Water has to ensure that with space so restricted, the new plant must have a particularly small footprint.

This important step forward in planning marks the successful completion of our advance works contract. Together with our partners at Northumbrian Water, we continue to work very closely with the Government of Gibraltar to finalize the main “Design, Build, and Operate” contract.

On completion of the design and build, Northumbrian Water will then be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant for twenty years. Winning these prestigious orders underlines Modern Water’s ability to bring high quality yet affordable water technologies to the world—and support them fully with our team of experts.

Modern Water is a pioneering and innovative technology company, specializing in membrane water treatment solutions and advanced monitoring products. Modern Water works in a range of industries across the globe, licensing out its technology for use in a diverse range of applications. Its headline technology, the AMBC, can be used to tackle complex wastewater treatment problems, while being simple to operate and at a reduced cost compared to standard processes. For more information, visit

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