Russelectric, a Siemens business, introduces its new ATS Remote Annunciator (RTS-RA), a powerful accessory that brings together data from multiple automatic transfer switches into a single display.

The remote annunciator is designed to be configured by the customer. It allows monitoring of the position and status of up to eight Russelectric ATS types RTSCD and RPTCS, as well as viewing power data for each ATS and accessing current alarms and logged historical alarms. Users can initiate load tests and set timers remotely using the RS-422/485 Protocol to ATS. In addition, there is the ability to configure email alerts for alarms. An Ethernet connection is available for exchanging data via the OPC UA protocol to another SCADA or building management system.

ATSs manufactured by Russelectric are modern, high-speed switching devices designed to transfer electrical loads from a preferred power source to an alternate power source when voltage and/or frequency vary beyond preset limits. They also retransfer loads when the preferred source is restored.

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