GQ and GRSH Series Solid State Relays 

Gefran GQ and GRSH series solid state relays feature a wide range of contact ratings and input and output voltages. They are available in DIN rail or panel mounting styles and offer a variety of overload and thermal protection options. Gefran GQ series “hockey puck” style panel mount solid state relays, available in contact ratings from 15 to 90A, include thermal mounting pads, overload and thermal protection, and screw or push-in-spring terminal connection styles. Optional heatsinks are also available for high-power applications. For more information, visit


Mobile Power Station

Part energy storage, part modular workhorse, the new platform option offers high power handling, bidirectional flow, enhanced efficiency and scalability ideal for large-scale industrial applications and integration into renewable energy sources like solar and wind. The Mobile Power Station is a versatile, modular off-road platform capable of powering a variety of work attachments, providing mobile microgrid energy, and supporting autonomous operations. It also functions as an unparalleled energy storage solution. For more information, visit


Gauntlet Energy Containment Safety Device

Severe injury or death can be caused by the explosive forces released if a high-pressure spring-loaded actuator device fails, along with significant damage to equipment and facilities. However, there is often a lack of regular inspection and maintenance, and the risks have attracted little attention in terms of technology or regulation. Compatible with all valve actuator types, the Survitec Gauntlet is a protective sleeve constructed from lightweight “bullet-proof” para-aramid armoring, ten times as strong as steel, and designed to contain the unpredictable forces of failure. For more information, visit


MasoSine Certa Pumps

Watson-Marlow cased drive peristaltic pumps offer superior flow stability, providing accurate and repeatable process control for nutrient feed fermentor applications. The end product of both plant-based and cultivated processes can be extremely difficult to pump due to its sticky and viscous nature. MasoSine Certa pumps from WMFTS can handle these products with ease due to the sinusoidal rotor that delivers a lower shear, gentle pumping action for the transfer of high viscosity end product, even when viscosity changes frequently. For more information, visit