When high-power pumps are applied to dewatering uses, many times the need is serious. In some cases, whether it is unsafe water levels in a mine or on-board flooding at sea, moving water quickly from Point A to Point B can have a life-saving urgency. However, Bedford Pumps recently undertook a unique application that will both save lives and provide hours of recreation for years to come. The renowned manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps to the water and waste water industries have extended their market with the contract for an exciting new project to create white-water for kayaking—at a facility capable of both entertaining first-time ammeters and training emergency responders.
Kayaking is currently the United Kingdom’s fastest growing water sport, and the new Pinkston Water Sports Centre will be Glasgow’s first competition standard, purpose built, paddle sports centre aiming to attract 25,000 visitors per year. The Pinkston Water Sports Centre will accommodate many types of users, from family rafts and personal tubes to more competitively minded kayakers who want to test their skill on a slalom course.
Especially important, however, is the course’s role in rescue training. The Pinkston Water Sports Centre provides a controlled environment for emergency personnel to simulate rescue situations, review what works and what needs improvement, and experiment with new techniques. The overall benefit of these practice drills will save the lives of countless kayakers.
Bedford Pumps SA.80.04.10 pump sets as used in Pinkston.
Bedford Pumps will be supplying three of their submersible axial pump sets to be installed in a cascade canister arrangement in the submersible pumping station within the water sports channel. The pumps will generate total flows of up to 110,000 gallons per minute (7000 liters per second) to create an exhilarating and challenging course.
The slalom will include a circular loop with the pumps lifting the water 4.9 feet (1.5 meters) to create a static head. From here an adjustable gate controls flows to either of the two separate channels. The outer channel provides 295 feet (90 meters) of rapids suitable for beginners, intermediates and for canoe slalom training and national ranking competition. The side entry gate allows the easy entry of items to facilitate enhanced Swift water rescue training. Around the outer loop rafting and inflatables can be used by complete beginners in a safe environment.
With the pumps switched off the control gate can be quickly and easily reconfigured to direct the water down a shorter and steeper channel. Within the confines of a shorter and steeper channel a significant hydraulic feature can be formed and tuned to appeal to paddlesport experts and advanced rescue training activities. The adjustment of the feature will keep experts interested in repeat visits and also for competitions and events. Within the loop there will be canoe slalom training and competition, whitewater kayaking and coaching and Swift water rescue training for the emergency services.
The pumps are to be manufactured with a cast iron pump casing and shroud and a gunmetal impeller. Each pump will be supplied with Bedford Pumps unique Pump Condition Monitor, designed to provide local operators with the status of various protection devices and performance indicators fitted into all modern submersible pumps. The pumps will be installed into a Scotchkoted steel canister also designed and supplied by Bedford Pumps. Each pumpset, powered by a 95 kilowatt 10 pole motor, will provide a capacity of 37,000 gallons per minute (2333 liters per second).
Bedford Pumps are delighted to be working with Rapid Water Courses Ltd, providers of the whitewater course, and assisting in the Glasgow Canal Regeneration Project by giving Glasgow a white water course of national importance. This project is a life changing project for the community in North Glasgow and a significant breakthrough in community based paddlesport activities, which is sure to be replicated elsewhere around the United Kingdom and wider afield. ■
Lucy Ogden is the marketing manager for Bedford Pumps Ltd. For further information, email her at lucyo@bedfordpumps.co.uk, call 01234.852071, or visit the Bedford Pumps website at www.bedfordpumps.co.uk.
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