When Florida’s Lake County Water Authority (LCWA)—in cooperation with the St. Johns Water Management District and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection—made a plan for removing phosphorous from the waters flowing out of Lake Apopka into the rest of the Harris Chain of Lakes, they needed equipment that was up to challenge. 

The cleanup efforts would include removing years of buildup from agriculture and fertilizer runoff, which contributed to algae buildup that was harming native aquatic life. “It’s a tough project, and I am grateful to our stakeholders for being invaluable partners and for their desire to mitigate the harmful impacts to our precious waterways,” says LCWA Chairman Robert Hendrick.


As part of that effort, installer Wiggins Brothers Well Drilling identified a Franklin Electric pumping system optimized with SubDrive Connect Plus™ that could handle flow rates up to 60 gallons per minute. The system would increase the efficiency of centrifuge operations, reduce energy demand, and increase productivity to allow cleaner, more transparent water for generations to come. Greg Wiggins and his company have been actively involved in many of these critical cleanup projects in Central Florida, and Franklin Electric is thrilled to play a role. Wiggins’s understanding of how pumping systems can aid in environmental efforts is a great example of the important work water industry professionals do every day.  


An important part of the process was ensuring the right equipment was chosen for the application. The system included a Franklin Electric 4-inch high-capacity submersible pump capable of moving 60 gallons per minute. Built with stainless steel components and a ceramic shaft sleeve and a rubber discharge bearing that can withstand sand wear, the high-capacity well pump offers long-term performance, even with the lake’s challenging water conditions.   

Also selected was a Franklin Electric 4-inch, three-phase, 3 horsepower submersible motor that features a corrosion-resistant construction and proven durability. A SubDrive Connect Plus variable frequency drive (VFD) was added to help optimize the operation, providing a simple yet powerful constant pressure solution for the water pumping system. The unit’s soft start capabilities will also help maximize the life of the system. 


The pumping system is part of LCWA’s long-term Nutrient Reduction Facility (NuRF) plan. Since 2009, the NuRF has treated over 97 billion gallons of water, removing over 50,000 pounds of phosphorus from the Harris Chain of Lakes. This effort has resulted in substantial water quality improvement from Central Florida to the Eastern Seaboard.


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