Permanent Mold Castings
Watry Industries is one of the most automated high-tech, permanent mold foundries in the industry. Capabilities extend far beyond your typical permanent mold foundry.  Watry is capable of pouring castings from a few ounces to over 100 pounds with or without cores.  We routinely pour in a wide range of alloys including 319, 355, 356, 357 and 443. Another advantage of Watry is the fully staffed engineering department using 3D CAD modeling, Magmasoft Solidification simulation software and real time digital X-ray to ensure quality parts are made from the start of the project.  We are registered to ISO 9001 however can comply to almost any quality standard.  Watry also offers a wide range of Vertical and Horizontal CNC’s to fit your needs going from the very small up to 800 millimeters. With our In house powder coating, heat treat and assembly we can reduce lead-times and inventory required using another source.  As your single source for permanent mold castings, machining and powder coating we can also reduce your transportation costs and eliminate headaches that arise in dealing with subcontractors.
For more information, visit www.watry.com.
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