The EC-2000 digital controller is a cost effective way to breathe new life into any Eddy Current Variable Speed drive, regardless of original manufacturer. Eddy Current Drives have been in widespread use for variable speed pumps, fans and blowers for nearly 50 years.
While the electro-mechanical drive units operate with minimal maintenance for decades, the electronic exciter/controllers may be obsolete or beyond repair. The programmable EC-2000 is carefully designed to be a compatible replacement, regardless of coil voltage or speed feedback format, for any known manufacturer of Eddy Current Drive.
Additionally, the EC-2000 enables digital or analog integration of Eddy Current Drives with digital process control systems, SCADA systems or PLCs. The flexible keypad enables simple and intuitive programming of control parameters and digital display of any two of several status parameters.
The EC-2000 series achieves responsive, accurate speed control, controlled acceleration and deceleration, selectable local/remote, or manual/automatic speed control, external signal following, and programmable PID speed control.
The compact printed circuit board design enables retrofit to existing enclosures, or can be supplied in a variety of wall-mount or free-standing enclosures.
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