YD-GWN Submersible Mag-Drive Pump
Carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene makes the YD-GWN the world’s only fully corrosion-resistant, non-metallic mag-drive submersible pump designed for acids and alkaline solutions. Ferrite magnets and high-tech ceramics isolate the motor from the pump, eliminating the possibility of motor failure from seal leaks. Also, it is thermally protected to automatically stop the pump for abnormal loads or high temperatures. The YD-GWN (5002) pumps up to 87 gallons per minute and 37 feet TDH using 1.5 horsepower 3ph / 460V and compact type YD-GWN (25A6) is up to 31 gallons per minute and 28 feet TDH using a 1/3 horsepower, 1ph, 115V. For more information, visit
M Automatic Single Point Lubricators
In today’s economy Pulsarlube understands the pressures industry is under: reducing costs, making equipment last longer, and maximizing profits. We get it. We have the expertise as well as the experience to create custom solutions for every lubrication challenge our customers face. The innovative Pulsarlube M automatic lubricator is designed to ensure reliable lubrication as well as cut lubrication/maintenance costs by at least 30 percent by precisely lubricating your valuable rotating equipment via an advanced computerized system. It contains a vertical positive displacement feed pump, motor/gear set and microprocessor, which when combined, allows an output pressure of more than 30kgf/cm2 (425psi). It is ideal for lubricating hard to reach/hazardous locations via its remote installation capability of up to eight lube points. For more information, visit
CFW100 Mini Drive
WEG Electric introduces its new CFW100 Mini Drive with advanced technology features in a small package. The CFW100 is a single-phase variable speed drive designed with OEM’s and end users in mind. It is the smallest VFD with HMI on the market and has power ranges of 1/4, 1/3, 3/4, and 1 horsepower at 230 VAC with single-phase in and 1.5A, 2.6A and 4.2A three-phase output current. Its simplicity and flexibility are unsurpassed with design features such as built-in HMI, DIN rail mounting, detachable fan for easy maintenance and plug-in modules for communication and I/O options. All this in a size no larger than a typical panel contactor. For more information, visit or contact your local distributor.
Spherical Washers
SKF Spherical Washers optimize bolt mounting of machinery and bolted equipment by integrating unique design features promoting ideal performance in industrial, marine, and all other heavy-duty bolted joint applications. The all-spherical two-piece washer automatically adjusts under compression to compensate for up to four degrees of angular deviations. This creates an exact parallel plane between the inner face of the bolt head and inner face of the nut to distribute the load evenly over the entire inner contact surface areas. Any need for on-site machining (spot facing) to achieve parallelism is eliminated.For more information, contact Garry Stewart at 281.925.2847,, or visit
V-200SA Self-Cleaning Automatic Screen Filter
The V-200SA featuring the most advanced and cost effective self-cleaning screen filtration technology available today is ideal for flow rates from 30 to 220 gallons per minute (7 to 50 cubic meters per hour). The patented drive mechanism used in the V-200SA is the most efficient and simplistic design available resulting in fewer moving parts, simpler controls, lowest flush rates available, multiple pass cleaning, and limited maintenance requirements. Constructed using 316L stainless steel, the inherently corrosion resistance material of the V-200SA ensures a long service life under a wide range of water quality conditions. Process water, cooling tower filtration, pre-filtration of membrane, irrigation, or wherever suspended solids are removed down to 10 micron are applications perfectly suited for the V-200SA. For more information, call 303.425.4242 or email
VibraLink® Switchboxes
The new VibraLink® enclosures feature an industry-exclusive LED that indicates when data can be collected. Enclosures are custom manufactured to user specifications of size, material and output to meet every monitoring need. VibraLink® switchboxes provide a convenient termination for up to 48 cables, for safe and fast data acquisition. All Meggitt enclosures feature radio frequency interference (RFI) filtering, differential switching and a grounding lug. MIL-C-5015 and BNC output connectors provide quick connectivity to portable data collectors. Online connectivity output is available for route-based or online monitoring. LEDs indicate when sensor bias output voltage (BOV) levels have stabilized, and data is ready to be collected. The VibraLink® series includes enclosures compatible with triaxial and dual-output sensors. Other housings include termination junction boxes, cable reduction boxes, and transmitter enclosures. For more information, visit or e-mail

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