ProSense Sensors and Transmitters 

ProSense Pt100 RTD sensors and transmitters with sanitary connection probes offer a clean-in-place tri-clamp process connection ideal for applications where corrosion and product contamination are factors. ProSense XTP series temperature transmitters conveniently combine a precision Pt100 or Pt1000 RTD sensing element and transmitter electronics in a single stainless-steel body. Available in three preconfigured measuring ranges, XTP series transmitters are ready to use out-of-the-box or use the free XT-SOFT software to program transmitters with a custom measuring range. For more information, visit



PermaFlex is the newest metal identification tag to be added to the PermaLabel family. PermaLabel is the scratch proof metal tag that’s been the standard for durable asset identification. InfoSight then produced the PermaLabel VI, which added color coding for fast visual asset identification. These metal tags are rigid and do not conform to curved surfaces very well. With PermaFlex, all of the durable properties and resistance of PermaLabel exist, with the added benefit of a flexible tag that can conform to curved surfaces. For more information, visit


Triton TR82 Turbidity Analyzer

The Triton TR82 Analyzer’s advanced nephelometric sensor relies on proven optical technology that determines turbidity with a light beam directed into the sample where it is scattered by suspended particles in the water. The amount of scattering is proportional to the wavelength of the light source and the size and composition of the suspended particles. The Triton TR82’s near-infrared (IR) LED light source operates using the 90-degree scattered light method. For more information, visit


EcoDry 25 and 35 Plus Vacuum Pump

Leybold expands its EcoDry plus product family of dry multi-stage roots vacuum pumps for laboratory, research and development and analytical applications. The current EcoDry 40 and 65 plus models are now joined by the new, smaller pump sizes EcoDry 25 and 35 plus. A characteristic of EcoDry plus, which is particularly important in research facilities and in analytical laboratories, is its low noise level. A further advantage of the new EcoDry 25 and 35 plus: it emits neither oil vapor, nor particles. For more information, visit


GD 250HDD Pump

Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (HPS) launches its new GD 250HDD pump to serve as a durable, reliable, American-made pump for a range of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications. The GD 250HDD pump expands Gardner Denver’s pump offerings into the wider HDD space for the first time, built with quality and efficiency in mind. The pump can be used to tunnel under rivers and roads and help to lay sewerage systems, water pipes, fiber optic lines, and pipelines. For more information, visit


436 Seawater Pressure Regulator

Useful in any shipboard seawater pressure reducing application, the Warren Controls 436 Seawater Pressure Regulator is a fail-open regulator shock qualified to MIL-S-901, vibration qualified to MILSTD-167, and in conformance with MIL-V-2042 and ASTM F1370 Type I and II. Though many ranges are standard, the Warren Controls engineering team has successfully customized 436 Series regulators capable of reaching set pressures up to 190 PSIG, as well as regulators that extend the low end of the lowest range below 5 PSIG. For more information, visit


Gearbox Exchange Program

Sundyne expands its Gearbox Exchange Program that provides greater financial incentives for customers while also shortening delivery time for exchanges anywhere around the globe. The gearboxes operating in Sundyne pumps and compressors are designed and built to last for decades. Thousands of units have been operating in refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial plants for decades, and many are approaching the point where they would benefit from an overhaul. For more information, visit


LST200 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

ABB launches a new feature-rich ultrasonic level transmitter designed specifically for industries with large installed bases of level measurement devices, particularly water and wastewater treatment. With its modular design and intelligent algorithms, the LST200 is easy to install, commission, and maintain and stable in use, decreasing total expenditure over the product’s lifetime. An intelligent algorithm with noise filtering makes the LST200 useful in wet wells, lift stations, and pumping stations because it is immune to noise from heavy equipment such as variable speed drives. For more information, visit