Goulds Water Technology e-HM Multistage Pump
The Goulds Water Technology® brand e-HM stainless steel series horizontal multistage pump is a water pump for commercial and industrial applications that is up to 30 percent more efficient than most similar pumps on the market. Constructed of AISI 316 stainless steel, the e-HM series offers six models, as well as a one-piece or sleeve design, making it highly customizable. The product’s high-pressure boosting capabilities and space-saving footprint makes it suitable for a variety of configurations across a range of industrial applications. The e-HM series is built on the advanced hydraulics of Xylem’s reliable e-SV vertical multistage product line. For more information about the Goulds Water Technology e-HM series, visit www.goulds.com/e-hm.
In an effort to mitigate the more complicated preparation associated with B-staged epoxies, Master Bond developed FLM36 for bonding and sealing applications in the aerospace, electronic, opto-electronic and specialty OEM industries. This B-staged film eliminates mixing and measuring and is easy to handle. FLM36 can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) well to a variety of substrates including metals, composites, glass and many plastics. Additionally, thermally conductive FLM36 is a superior electrical insulator. Unlike other heat resistant epoxy systems, FLM36 possesses more flexibility and toughness, which enables it to endure thermal and mechanical shocks as well as thermal cycling. It also has good chemical resistance to water, acids, bases, fuels, and oils. For more information, call 201.343.8983 or email technical@masterbond.com.
STM EX Series Planetary Gearbox
STM EX Series Planetary Gearboxes are ideal for many different applications including mobile and fixed. All EX gearboxes are available with a multitude of input and output options and are able to accept IEC electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic motors. Planetary gearboxes are designed to offer high torque in a compact size due to the gear arrangement, so they offer the opportunity to reduce the size and weight of your drive. These gearboxes are ideal for applications where high torque and low speeds are required and also where shock loads are the norm. To discuss these or other Young Powertech products, call 888.465.3561, email info@youngpowertech.com, or visit www.youngpowertech.com.
EX611A20 Accelerometer
IMI has developed this new very high temperature charge mode accelerometer to be used in various gas turbine applications such as bearing health monitoring, condition monitoring, and structural damages monitoring.  Other applications include commissioning of nuclear power plants. The new model extends temperature survivability range to 1300 degree Fahrenheit (704 degrees Celsius) in an industrial housing.  The unit comes standard with a 10 foot (3 meter) integral hard-line cable terminating in a LEMO connector, but other cable lengths and terminating connectors are available (2 pin mini MIL). In addition to warranty, pricing, lead time, as well as height advantage over the competition, the IMI High Temperature Charge Output Accelerometer model EX611A20 also includes ATEX and IECEx approvals that most competing models do not carry. EX611A20 has another distinct competitive advantage with its sensing geometry featuring shear mode sensing elements versus the compression mode designs. For more information, contact Eric Yax at eyax@pcb.com or 716.684.0003 ext. 2377.
System 24 LAGD Series Single-Point Automatic Lubricator
New SKF System 24 LAGD Series single-point automatic lubricators are timely and accurate “hands-off” solutions that deliver the proper pre-set amount of lubricant needed for bearings in machinery across industries.  These cost-effective, gas-driven feed versions are engineered to perform reliably on a twenty-four-hour basis without manual intervention and can resolve issues typically associated with hard-to-access or potentially hazardous lubrication points. Ultimately, they optimize the accuracy, reliability, and cleanliness of lubricant delivery, contributing to increased uptime of assets, reduced maintenance, and favorable environmental impact. Compared with manual lubrication, the automatic lubricator’s continuous and controlled supply of fresh and clean lubricant minimizes the ingress of potentially damaging contaminants, prevents the overheating, waste, and seal damage caused by over-lubrication, and eliminates excessive wear from over-lubrication. For more information, contact Paul Michalicka at 416.299.2894 or paul.michalicka@skf.com.
420-DC/AC Automated Pilot Control
Singer Valve’s new 420-DC/AC Automated Pilot Control provides a reliable, simple, and cost-effective solution to automate today’s water systems. This innovative pilot control offers easily programmable span and speed via USB cable and provided software. Its built-in surge suppression protects against voltage spikes, eliminating costly failures. The four motors inside not only provide it with high-torque for reliable service, but also increase the actuator’s operational life. Singer’s unique automated pilot control may be fitted in the field to most sizes and makes of automatic control valves. The 420-DC/AC provides a solution for remote or difficult to reach control valves where adjustments need to be made, and using SCADA is the best option. The IP68 submersible rating of 7 feet/24 hours guarantees operation. The 420-DC/AC offers predicable accuracy, quick troubleshooting and low maintenance. It’s truly the next generation of pilot automation! For more information, call 604.594.5404 or visit www.singervalve.com.
S6SHR 6-Inch Hydraulic Submersible Shredder Pump
Hydra-Tech’s S6SHR, 6-inch hydraulic submersible shredder pump is designed to continuously rip and shear solids with a 360-degree shredding action.  The pump’s carbide tipped impeller and hardened macerator suction plate work together to produce a violent shredding action that keeps the discharge open.  This 6-inch pump is great for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and institutional waste applications.  Depending on the application, there is a version for portable or fixed installations.  A guide rail assembly is available for stationary applications. The safe and variable speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical.  For more information, contact Hydra-Tech at 570.645.3779, www.hydra-tech.com, or htpump@hydra-tech.com.
5R1-1400 Temperature Controller
Oven Industries Inc. offers solutions for critical temperature control. In many ways the answer for numerous industrial questions comes through the control of chemicals, and a critical factor in chemical control is the control of temperature.

  • Universal AC Input
  • Integrated Potentiometers for Set Temp and PI   Control
  • PC Programmable Set Temp and PID Control
  • TTL Level UART Communication Port
  • Set Temp Range Determined by Thermistor Type
  • Open Sensor Protection
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Specifications:
  • Input Voltage: 85 to 265VAC 50/60Hz
  • Com. Port and Sensor Isolation: 1000VAC
  • Load Current: 15A max (Via solid state relay)
  • Temperature Resolution: 32.18 degrees Fahrenheit (0.1 degree Celsius)
  • Adjustable PID Parameters
  • Ambient Temperature Operation: -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 70 degrees Celsius)
  • 1.32-inch High x 2.5-inch Square (33.53 mm High to 63.5 mm Square)
  • Customer Drawing: CDR-00374

For more information, visit www.ovenindustries.com.
Quantum 3
Pulsar’s market-leading ultrasonic level measurement and control systems give you the most sophisticated pump station controllers, while reducing labor and saving money. Pulsar’s peak energy tariff avoidance to reduce energy costs, automatic pump reset, saving hours of staff time, “time to spill” and “burst and block” alarms are just a few proven features. With the introduction of Quantum 3 and integration with Pulsar’s ground-breaking Flow Pulse, pump station control is taking another leap forward. Quantum 3 uses the measurements from the Flow Pulse to provide warnings based on measured flow rather than a calculated flow rate derived from changes in level. For more information, visit www.pulsar-pm.com.
IP68 Waterproof Switching Power Supply AC Adapter
Continuing to pursue its commitment to quality products and service, GlobTek, a world-class provider of power supplies and power electronic solutions, now has released its IP68 rated desktop/external switching power supply AC Adapter model series GTM91099-P2 -P3. The miniature ITE (60950-1), medical (60601-1), and household use (60335-1) certified universal input switching power supply model GTM91099-P2 -P3 is available in a Class I, 3 Prong, IEC60320/C14 or in a Class II IEC60320 C8 or C18, 2 prong desktop freestanding configuration. Input alternatively available in flying leads of customer designated lengths and colors for hard wire applications. Customized enclosure colors, housing designs, output cord types and lengths, as well as customized packaging are available upon request. For more information, visit www.globtek.com.

IQ+FLOW Mass Flow Sensor
Bronkhorst has developed the IQ+FLOW mass flow sensor, the smallest mass flow and pressure meter/controller in the world. The use of micro fluidic devices for research and analytical purposes has some important advantages. Previously, conventional mass flow and pressure meters and controllers have needed a footprint of 1.5 inches, as for instance specified in the NeSSITM system. Due to the use of micro system technology (MST), Bronkhorst has been able to halve the footprint dimension to 0.75 inches, thereby realizing ultra-compact flow controllers for flow rates from 0.2 to 5000 sccm (mln/min) and pressure controllers for 0.3 to 150 psi. Thanks to the modular concept of the IQ+FLOW series, multiple channel arrangements can be realized on one compact manifold, with one multi-channel digital pc-board (per 3 channels) in one housing. For more information, contact sales@bronkhorstusa.com or visit www.bronkhorstusa.com.
4-138 Vibration Transducer
The 4-138 is a top performer in our expanding line of quality high temperature velocity sensors. Improving upon the moving coil concept for velocity transducers, the 4-138 Series is a big step towards the future of critical machinery monitoring. The system is simplified due to the low impedance, high level output that can drive AC meters, recorders, and control electronics without using special amplifiers, while friction-free movement of the seismic mass moving elements provide for excellent low frequency and low amplitude response. This response is critical when monitoring precision balanced turbines. The output signal results from relative movement between the internal coil and magnet when the case vibrates. This magnetic damped system operates above its natural frequency. The self-generated sensor output is proportional to velocity. For more information, visit www.cecvp.com.
Sentinel™ Floating Brush Seal (FBS)
The Inpro/Seal Sentinel FBS extends maintenance intervals to three to four years over conventional carbon rings which normally last six to twelve months. Designed as a drop-in replacement for existing carbon rings in Elliott YR machines, the Sentinel FBS eliminates costly casing modifications and rotor removal for seal installation. The Sentinel FBS is comprised of densely packed and flexible metallic bristles that bend with changing clearances between rotating and stationary surfaces. This unique technology provides and extra layer of protection that slows down the natural wear of downstream carbon rings—reducing maintenance, downtime, and steam loss. Self-centering and lightweight, the Inpro/Seal Sentinel FBS’s compliant brush allows “wear-in” for an optimum fit, providing predictable steam leakage over an extended operating life compared to carbon rings. For more information, visit www.inpro-seal.com.
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