MosherflST, SU, and STX Self-Priming Pumps
The Mosherflo ST, SU, STX ranges of pumps are a direct performance and parts interchangeable match to the Gorman-Rupp T and Super-T pump ranges (U series, T series, and Super T Series are all registered trademarks of Gorman-Rupp and are not associated with R.B. Mosher Company or its products). All shafts are supplied in 17-4 PH or better material in all metallurgies; this extends shaft life and increases the shaft power ratings. All pumps are supplied with jack bolts for the inspection cover. Seals are semi-cartridge SC vs. SC, as standard. All pumps have double lip seals between the bearing lubricant and the seal chamber with separate sight gauges. The SU pump is a direct cross to the U-Series from Gorman- Rupp and has the same construction features. For more information on these products or any of our other products, call 281.339.3382 or email pumps@rbmosherco.com.
PT-90 Wellpoint Pump
National Pump and Compressor introduces the PT-90 to our unparalleled selection of rental equipment. The PT-90 burns 5 times less fuel (0.4 gallons per hour) on maximum load compared to typical wellpoint pumps. This means an incredible $5000 in fuel savings a month. Add to that a durable Hatz engine that goes 500 hours under full factory warranty between service checks, and what you have is the most cost-effective, endurance wellpoint pump on the market today. PT-90 features and benefits include

  • Lowest Fuel Consumption of wellpoint pumps
  • Lubrication System & Gear Technology Reduce Noise
  • Enclosed Units Emit 49 dBa at 30 feet
  • Available in Open Diesel, Stackable Frame, Compact, or Economy Canopy
  • Hatz Engine Offers 500 -1,500 Hours Between Service Checks

For more information about the PT-90, visit www.npcrents.com or call 888.840.5886.
ACS 2000 Medium Voltage Drive
The ACS 2000, ABB’s active front end drive for general purpose applications, is now available with higher power capabilities, up to 3000 horsepower. Developed with the latest drive technologies, the ACS 2000 is ideal for general purpose applications where a medium voltage installation is required, such as pumps, fans, blowers and conveyors. Users across many industries, including water, wastewater, power, cement, mining, and HVAC, can all derive significant energy savings as well as more reliable process control while benefiting from the drive’s compact, lightweight design. The ACS 2000’s direct-to-line connection means it’s transformerless, resulting in a small footprint for space-sensitive applications. The design is packed with innovative technology such as a high voltage IGBT based active front end and patented multi-level switching topology, providing both line and load friendly operation. The ACS 2000 design provides near sinusoidal current and voltage waveforms making the drive compatible for use with standard NEMA rated motors. For more information or full product brochures, visit www.abb.com.

YD-GWN Submersible Mag-Drive Pump
World Chemical’s YD-GWN submersible mag-drive pump is designed for high performance. Carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene makes the YD-GWN  the world’s only fully corrosion-resistant, non-metallic mag-drive submersible pump designed for acids and alkaline solutions. The YD-GWN can operate in liquids up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celsius)! Powerful ferrite magnets and high-tech ceramics isolate the motor from the pump, eliminating the possibility of motor failure from seal leaks. Thermally protected to automatically stop the pump for abnormal loads or high temperatures. The YD-GWN pumps up to 87 GPM  and 37 feet TDH using a 1.5 horsepower 3ph / 460V motor (57 pounds).  All pumps have wear, but, maintenance and environmentally friendly, these pumps are designed to be owner serviced and repaired. No oil-bathed mechanical seal to fail. No potential for oil contamination. Throw-away pumps waste resources! This pump is designed to be repaired and reused instead of sent to a land fill. For more information, visit www.worldchemicalusa.com.
Carbon Graphite Seals and Steam Joints
Carbon graphite is the ideal seal material in every aspect. Self-lapping and flexible enough to conform to the mating face, very hard, self-lubricating, and resistant to wear, it is also lubricated by almost any fluid, so the media being sealed will add additional lubrication. It is impervious and resistant to most chemicals, possesses dimensional stability under wide temperature variations, and mates to a wide variety of materials. Applications include steam joints and seals for pumps agitators and mixers. Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. has been manufacturing precision-machined mechanical face seals, carbon graphite bushings and bearings, and carbon vanes for over fifty years. We are one of the last American-owned carbon companies. Our fast, reliable service, high quality workmanship and on-time delivery are well known in the industry. Superior design and engineering capabilities, as well as manufacturing expertise, enable us to routinely hold the most exacting tolerances. All processes are done at one location and are backed by ISO 9001:2008 certification. For more information, contact Marvin Herche at 414.362.6241, by email marvin.herche@helwigcarbon.com, or visit www.helwigcarbon.com.
Max-Flow Annihilator Grinder System
The Moyno® Max-Flow Annihilator™ Grinder System is a custom engineered headworks debris handling system that protects downstream pumps, valves and process equipment in water treatment plants and their lift stations. The cost-effective, low maintenance Moyno Max-Flow Annihilator Grinder System can be used in place of bar rakes and screens as well as drum screen grinders for enhanced performance. The Max-Flow system contains two or more Annihilator grinders mounted side-by-side in a stainless steel retrieval frame in the headworks of a waste treatment system. They can be installed in an in-line or a staggered or offset design to accommodate a variety of channel widths. The frame is engineered-to-order and pre-fabricated. It includes guide rails to permit the independent retrieval of each grinder for easy maintenance. Steel panels can also be inserted in place of a grinder to divert the flow to the remaining grinders during maintenance, eliminating the need for costly diversion or by-pass channels. For more information, contact Mark Yingling at 937.327.3017.
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