Hydra-Cell LACT Unit Pumps

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units measure the quantity and quality of oil and gas transferred from the production field to the pipeline and can also be used to process produced water. The seal-less design of Hydra-Cell separates the hydraulic end from the fluid end, so there are no seals or packing to leak, wear, adjust, or replace. This results in less downtime, less environmental containment costs, and less annual maintenance compared to other pumping technologies. In addition, Hydra-Cell can handle sand or other solids up to 800 microns in size without fine filtration. For more information, visit www.hydra-cell.com/applications/lact-units.html. 


EZ-Tap Drilling Machine

Mueller expands its small drilling machine product line with the launch of the EZ-Tap drilling machine. The compact, lightweight EZ-Tap drilling machine is designed specifically for water taps and use with service saddles and corporation stops up to 300 psig working pressure. The new design makes service connections easier on mains with or without pressure. It can be hand operated using a standard socket or off the shelf cordless drill. The EZ-Tap drilling machine is available in two kit options: the Machine Kit, designed for 3/4- and 1-inch corporation stops, and the Large Diameter Kit, designed for 1-1/4-, 1-1/2-, and 2-inch corporation stops. For more information, visit  www.muellercompany.com


Graphalloy Type 453 Bushing

Graphalloy bushings offer solutions in places where traditional bearing lubricants will not work, including high temperature applications, clean environments, submerged operation applications, and more. The Graphalloy material is self-lubricating, non-galling, can handle low lubricity service, and can withstand temperatures from -400 degrees Fahrenheit (-240 degrees Celsius) to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (535 degrees Celsius). The Graphalloy material is used in many low lubricity pumps due to its self-lubricating and non-galling features. For more information, call 914.968.8400 or visit www.graphalloy.com.


Nikkiso Non-seal Pumps with E-monitor

Tried and tested Nikkiso centrifugal canned motor pumps are mainly used for transfer and circulation tasks involving highly flammable, explosive, or toxic fluids in the chemical and petrochemical industry. To further improve their operational safety and reliability while carrying out these demanding tasks, all non-seal models are equipped with an E-monitor that indicates the wear condition of the slide bearings during pump operation, thus enabling predictive maintenance. The control unit is the most advanced monitoring system of its kind for pumps in high pressure and high temperature service. For more information, visit www.lewa.com/en/pumps/centrifugal-pumps/nikkiso-centrifugal-canned-motor-pump