Envie3 high efficiency air-filled motors come without application limitations. These premium efficient motors are designed to run both submerged and dry run and are available with our Barnes and Deming product lines. The envie3 pump motors are available as both Barnes or Deming chopper and non-clog pumps, which feature superior hydraulic performance that is proven by our existing SH product platform. The patent pending closed loop glycol cooling systems allows for stress-free easy maintenance and installation. The envie3 motor platform is engineered to be installed into dry pit and submersible applications. This makes the envie3 a superior pump solution to all existing and new installations, including coastal regions that experience frequent flooding in dry pit applications.

The envie3 motor platform features numerous accessories and installation options including horizontal and vertical configurations. The horizontal installation options include a cart system, which creates a back pull-out option allowing for easy maintenance, as well as a fixed bracket configuration. When installed horizontally, the envie3 footprint is 35 percent smaller than competitors’ frame mounted end suction pumps. This allows for space savings which helps when installing into locations where space is limited. The envie3 vertical installation configurations include a metal and concrete stand. Each of these vertical stands allow for 360-degree rotation which makes adapting to existing piping convenient, including tangential discharge pumps.

The new envie3 product offering has an IE3 premium efficient rated motor. This is an achieved motor efficiency of 94 percent which results in annual energy savings ranging from $200-$900. The envie3’s ability to run continuously in air making its minimum required submergence 35 percent lower than the comparable pumps. This results in less expensive lift stations, less FOG build up, reduced chance for the station to become septic, and the ability to pump out floating debris. The plug-and-play cord that is standard on the Barnes and Deming solids handling product line allows for quick voltage changes reducing downtime on pumps when performing maintenance.

The application capabilities of the envie3 motor platform are unmatched. The modern, rugged design features a large stainless steel handle, plug-and-play quick connect cord, stainless steel outer shell and hardware, and an IE3 premium efficient motor. Envie3 motors are where versatility meets high performance. Be on the lookout for the all new e nvie3 Barnes and Deming motor platforms coming June 2021.

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