U-Grooved Industrial Track Wheels

In Hamilton’s latest line of new industrial wheels, U-Grooved Track Wheels are designed for easy rolling along straight or curvy tracks or pipes. With a capacity range of 1,000 to 7,000 pounds, U-Groove Wheels are a great solution when working with crane cables or pulleys, or using rolling gates and doors. They’re also common in food services, washdown, and other industries where tubed tracks are commonplace. For more information, visit www.hamiltoncaster.com



The RuptureSeal family of leak stopping devices are easily deployed in seconds to form a secure mechanical seal that stops leaks for hours. This unique technology is fully functional in just twenty seconds, far faster and cleaner than any other method, including wooden bungs or screw plugs. This fast deployment time is crucial to reduce environmental impact and cleanup costs. RuptureSeal products are available in four sizes and are compatible with over 40,000 substances. For more information, visit www.denios-us.com


CPC Pumps International BB5 Pump

Already well known for its wide range of niche pumps, the Canadian-headquartered CPC Pumps International extends its product range by launching its first-ever BB5 pump. Applications for CPC centrifugal pumps are traditionally in the wider refining and petrochemical industries. The addition of the BB5 is particularly timely, primarily because one of its major applications will be in helping to sustainably lower environmental impacts. It will be used in processes central to lowering carbon emissions. For more information, visit www.bb5.cpcpumps.com


C Series Compact Multitube Heat Exchangers

Sometimes the biggest constraint on the choice of heat exchanger is the space available for its installation. However, in such situations it is important to ensure that the thermal performance is still suitable for the chosen use. This is exactly the rationale for the introduction of the HRS C Series of compact multitube heat exchangers. The smaller tube diameter means that more tubes can be fitted into each unit, meaning that heat transfer is more efficient. For more information, visit www.hrs-heatexchangers.com


CS21-4HC Decanter Centrifuges

Currently at work for Houston, Texas’s largest wastewater treatment facility, the 69th Street Wastewater Treatment Plant, Centrisys/CNP CS21-4HC decanter centrifuges include Rotodiff hydraulic scroll drive, the highest G-volume and torque capacity, a feed capacity up to 225 gallons per minute, the lowest installed combined horsepower (90) in its size specification, and increased solids handling and reduced polymer consumption. Centrisys/CNP CS21-4HC decanter centrifuges also feature an auto lube system and are American designed and built. For more information, visit www.centrisys-cnp.com.  


Chemraz 541 High-strength Universal Purpose Black Compound

Boasting superior strength and good compression set resistance, Chemraz® 541 is ideal for demanding applications such as those found in the chemical processing and oil and gas industries. Additionally, it offers remarkable chemical resistance, particularly in the presence of acids, amines, aromatics, distilled water, and steam. Chemraz 541 can operate at low temperatures of 3 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 degrees Celsius) and maximum temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit (-230 degrees Celsius). For more information, visit www.gtweed.com/materials/chemraz-541/.  


9950 Transmitters

GF Piping Systems has added a six-channel option to its line of 9950 Transmitters with enhanced functionality and intuitive design. The 9950-10/11 provides sophisticated features to support a variety of functions for complete flexibility. The transmitter is easy to set up, and you can quickly adjust parameters and save time with its automatic sensor recognition. The modular design is fully configurable to fit any system’s needs. For more information, visit www.gfps.com/9950.  


BTBH-H Easy-stack Terminal Blocks

BTBH-H blocks are available in four different amp ratings—10A, 15A, 30A, and 50A—and can be ordered as individual components, or as complete assemblies by amp rating for two to thirty poles. The terminal blocks are assembled in a twist- and snap-together fashion, without the need for special tools, connecting rods, or DIN rails, resulting in a very low installation height. Users can easily add or remove terminals at any time. For more information, visit www.idec.com/usa.  


Surge Suppressors 

Murrelektronik surge suppression devices help protect and lengthen the life of motors, contactors, relays, solenoids, and PLC outputs. These new surge suppression devices support a variety of applications and provide protection from voltage spikes and electromagnetic noise caused by inductive loads. New additions include universal surge suppressors that reduce high voltage spikes created when contactor coils are de-energized. For more information, visit www.murrelektronik.com.  


Optiswitch 6700 

The Optiswitch 6700 is Krohne’s newest capacitance level switch. The Optiswitch 6700 offers the same point-level detection of liquids and solids as their previous models, now with 10-Link communication. Offering high- and low-level detection, the Optiswitch 6700 is ideal for overfill and dry-level protection. The Optiswitch 6700’s double output can be individually programmed to monitor different processes or media, making it an ideal solution for adhesives and difficult products. For more information, visit www.us.krohne.com.  


Compact Limit Switches  

New Schmersal compact limit switches provide an affordable solution for a variety of object detection applications. Their small size allows easy installation in confined spaces. These rugged limit switches offer a 45-degree adjustable, die-cast zinc head, and a thermoplastic housing. Several actuator styles are available, including plunger, plunger with roller, side rotary lever with roller, and adjustable rod. Schmersal compact limit switches are available with N.O. and N.C. contacts and  snap or slow break-before-make action. For more information, visit www.schmersalusa.com.  


ADM200 Advanced Graphical Panel Meters  

The easy-to-read Trumeter ADM series of graphical panel meters display critical parameters as well as provide a user-programmable scale and custom alarm messages, which will immediately alert operators when a parameter is out of range. Trumeter ADM200 advanced graphical panel meters feature a large 4-inch display with a color-changing, full-color RGB backlight for instant alerts. Select models offer digital and analog outputs, Modbus RTU/TCP communication, and an IP65 protection rating. For more information, visit www.trumeter.com.  

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