Pumps and Valves for the Hydrogen Economy

High-pressure valve technologies, control valves, and pumps from Circor are all made for use in the hydrogen economy. Circor’s primary isolation valves, certified in accordance with the European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EU / UKCA, are utilized in the transportation of compressed hydrogen on tank solutions and refuellers throughout Europe and beyond. Other high-pressure valve technologies such as pressure regulators, slam shut valves, residual pressure valves, and filters are used to control the delivery of high-pressure gas to end-user applications. For more information, visit


SKF Axios

Manufacturers want to use simple and affordable wireless technology to monitor more equipment in their facilities. SKF Axios is a fully automated condition monitoring solution that fulfills this need. It is comprised of sensors, gateways, and a machine learning service that is easy to install, commission, and scale with no experience necessary, allowing sensors and apps to be operational within minutes. It detects anomalies and pushes notifications allowing for quick action to avoid unexpected machine failures. For more information, visit


TRU-C23 UV Photoelectric Sensors

The Contrinex TRU-C23 UV photoelectric sensors are designed for detecting transparent objects, such as those made with plastic or glass. Since transparent materials absorb large amounts of polarized UV light, it is very easy to set the threshold at which these sensors switch. Select models are IO-Link compatible, providing continuous diagnostic information and easy remote sensor mode selection along with accurate object detection data. All sensor outputs are complementary, allowing them to be used as a light-on or dark-on sensor. For more information, visit


Bio-Food Grade Hydraulic Fluids

With oxidation performance comparable to full synthetics, this is one of the safest hydraulic fluids for the environment and the only one that is food grade.  Bio-Food Grade Hydraulic Fluids are multi-functional, biosynthetic lubricants that contain ingredients that are classified “Generally Regarded as Safe” (GRAS) making them ideal for applications with incidental food contact in and around food processing equipment areas.  For more information, contact Benjamin Garmier at 330.877.9982,, or visit