Bearing failure is the number one cause of electric motor failure and it can be avoided. Many pumps utilize a variable frequency drive (VFD) to increase pump motor efficiency. While VFDs lower power consumption, they also induce currents onto the motor shaft. These shaft currents will often discharge through the motor bearings causing fluting, burnt grease, and eventual bearing failure. Downtime, repairs, and warranty claims can be the result of bearing failure and can be extremely costly to any company.

Helwig’s BPKs (Bearing Protection Kits) have been leading the industry in shaft grounding solutions for years. Our proven silver graphite brush technology, K007, is unlike other shaft grounding systems because it eliminates the need for maintenance and will keep bearings protected year-after-year. Helwig BPKs effectively divert induced electrical currents away from the bearings. The result is the lowest shaft voltage and maximum discharge to ground through the kit rather than through the bearings, protecting them from damage and failure. 

From small pumps and motors to large industrial applications, the BPK’s versatile shape and size have made shaft-grounding solutions possible for motors across all industries. BPKs have also proven to be effective in contaminated and harsh environments. The constant force spring provides a self-cleaning track that is undeterred by grease and other contaminates. Additionally, our MultiFit Bracket mounting system allows for a BPK to be attached to multiple bolt designs while keeping constant contact on the motor shaft. The MultiFit Bracket system can be used with existing bolts, which eliminates the need for drilling and tapping. 

Helwig Carbon’s Shaft Voltage Detection Device, otherwise known as the BPK-Probe™, is an instrument designed to measure common mode voltage on a motor shaft. Test results from the BPK-Probe will show if there is current present on the motor shaft, and the level of risk of bearing damage due to electrical discharges. The BPK-Probe is an excellent tool for any engineer, technician, or preventive maintenance professional that needs to evaluate motor health on a regular basis. 

From diagnosis to resolution, Helwig Carbon is the world’s leading expert on shaft grounding.  

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