DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter


DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter
Greyline’s new DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter measures flow from outside a pipe. It employs the latest technology in Doppler signal processing. Faster processing, higher data resolution and an improved ability to filter out noise, all combined to produce data accuracy far greater than previously possible. The clamp-on ultrasonic sensor mounts on any pipe ½ inch ID or larger. The DFM 5.1 is designed for “difficult” liquids like wastewater, sludge, slurries, abrasives or any liquid with bubbles or suspended solids. Calibration and start-up is simple with the built-in 5-button keypad. Standard features include a large, backlit display and totalizer, isolated 4-20mA output and 6 control relays. Options include a built-in data logger and reporting system with USB output, Windows software and intrinsically safe sensor. No other flow meter currently offers the DFM 5.1’s combination of ease of use and highly repeatable, accurate, flow measure. This makes it a natural choice for anyone measuring flow in industrial, municipal, oil and gas and other challenging environments. For more information, visit www.greyline.com.


ASHCROFT INC. 1305D Portable Deadweight Tester

1305D Portable Deadweight Tester

The Ashcroft 1305D series portable deadweight tester is a pressure calibration system that includes a low range and high range piston assembly, weight set, a hydraulic (oil) test pump to generate test pressures, metal carrying cases, tools and other accessories. Depending on the weight set provided, the 1305D is capable of establishing test points from 15 to 10,000 psi in an accuracy of ±0.1 percent of Reading. As a primary standard, the 1305D will provide years of accurate calibration measurement, helping to ensure that pressure instruments operate safely and reliably. For more information, visit www.ashcroft.com.



A.W. CHESTERTON COMPANY 442C™ Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal

442C™ Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal

Innovation drives performance, and the Chesterton 442C Cartridge Split Seal is the latest innovation in split seal technology, combining superior seal performance with the ease of installation of a cartridge split seal. The design simplifies seal repair by using a standard spare parts kit, enabling you to lower costs, enhance operation flexibility and minimize equipment turnaround. With only two seal components, the 442C is easy to install, offers the greatest installation flexibility and is engineered to enhance sealing reliability like no other cartridge split seal. For more information, visit www.chesterton442C.com or e-mail 442C@chesterton.com.




WPI Inverter Duty Motors

Nidec Motor Corporation has redesigned its WPI Inverter Duty motors to meet NEMA® premium efficiency levels in response to new Department of Energy regulations, scheduled to take effect in 2015. The redesign of the 15-30 horsepower vertical high thrust motors includes features to protect against harmful effects when the motors are used with a VFD. These features include a shaft grounding ring to discharge shaft current without harming the bearing and winding thermostats to protect the motor from incidental over heating when operated at low speeds for extended periods of time. Nidec has also added extra high thrust options for all Inverter Duty motors 100 horsepower and greater. For more information, visit www.nidec-motor.com.



ANKO PRODUCTS INC. Mityflex® 850 Peristaltic Pump

Mityflex® 850 Peristaltic Pump

Anko Products, a leading provider of peristaltic pumps introduces its new Mityflex® series disposable pump. The highly anticipated 850 pump is “dynamic, durable, and disposable.” This small, new pump, offers a low flow pump alternative at an extremely competitive price. Designers at Anko Products have created the 850 series pumps in response to calls for an easy load, low flow, compact pump. They took this one step further and eliminated the need for replacing the tubing by making the pump head totally disposable. The new 850 is available in multiple colors and voltages and is both attractive and functional with flow rates up to 300 ml/min. For extra pump head longevity only high performing materials are used to provide chemical/detergent resistance as well as longer tubing with high grade stainless steel roller pins and self-lubricating Nylon rollers. For more information, contact Tim Smith at 800.446.2656 or via email at tims@ankoproducts.com.



Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Infusion System

Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Infusion System

Harvard Apparatus is pleased to announce the release of the NEW Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Infusion System for academic euglycemic or hyperglycemic glucose clamp studies. The Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Infusion System is a time saving syringe pump enhancement that offers quick and simple set-up using an innovative touch screen display.
The built-in software capabilities reduce the potential for error by providing the most accurate fluid delivery available. Harvard Apparatus is a global developer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative and specialized products to enhance bioresearch. For more information, call 800.272.2775 or 508.893.8999, email techsupport@harvardapparatus.com, or visit www.harvardapparatus.com.



QuikSpray-CPumpCarrousel Pump 15010HP-3

The new Carrousel Pump model 15010HP-3 designed for commercial coatings industry. This Carrousel Pump is manufactured for high production patching work or for small complete high production applications. Whether stucco, cement textures, shotcrete, waterproofing, concrete repair products or most heavy bodied products, this pump will deliver and spray them all! The peristaltic action allows for low/no maintenance and it is extremely easy to operate with unskilled labor. The time proven easy flow Q & Q couplings are a standard on this pumping system, so high material flow can be expected with less power necessary. The unit is electrically powered with a 220 VAC motor and variable speed controls. This model Carrousel Pump is also available with a hydraulic or pneumatic motor with the same production, or a 110 VAC system is also available with a little less production for those areas that do not furnish 220vac. For more information, call 419.732.2611 or visit www.quikspray.com.



ECD-HYDRA-Nitrate-WastewaterHydra Nitrate Analyzer System

Offering a precision nitrate ISE electrode sensor with an integral self-cleaning sprayer, the new Hydra Nitrate Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc. (ECD) is ideal for nitrate monitoring in wastewater treatment aeration basins. The Hydra Nitrate Analyzer System monitors the nitrification process in aeration basins at wastewater treatment plants, a process during which toxic ammonium ions are oxidized into much less toxic nitrate ions using an aerobic activated sludge process. De-nitrification reduces the nitrate ion to nitrogen gas by an anoxic reaction in the same treatment basin or in a separate anaerobic digester. The rugged ECD HYDRA Analyzer nitrate sensor offers 1.25-inch NPT rear facing threads for attaching an extension/immersion tube for easy installation from catwalks or handrails. Internal signal conditioning allows the sensor to be mounted up to 200 meters from the analyzer. The sensor is extremely low-maintenance, featuring a movable electrode guard to facilitate easy electrode replacement when necessary. For more information and to download product literature, visit www.ecdi.com.



Val-matic-Quadrosphere_clQuadroSphere® Trunnion Ball Valve

Val-Matic’s QuadroSphere® Trunnion Ball Valve is able to handle the demands of many industries such as Oil & Gas Production and Pipelines, Refining, Geothermal, Power, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Cryogenic and Mining/Steel. Multiple flow paths through the valve and the four recessed surfaces of the ball provide self-flushing to prevent clogging by avoiding high scale and solids build up. The self-flushing feature makes this valve stand out in the Geothermal, Mining, Power and Oil and Gas industries where the media flowing through the valve has a tendency to collect and solidify causing other valves to fail. The special machining of the ball substantially reduces the ball to seat surface contact, creating less resistance during cycles, lowering the torque to operate the QuadroSphere® Ball. The QuadroSphere® comes standard as fire safe for flammable materials such as natural gas, oxygen, gasoline and oil. Contact Val-Matic for optional component materials to use the QuadroSphere® Ball Valve in your particular industry application. For more information, visit www.valmatic.com.



Baldor-SuperE-Cutaway_Shaft-GroundSuper-E® Motors with Baldor Shaft Grounding Brush

Baldor Electric Company is proud to announce a new line of electric motor –Super-E motors with Baldor Shaft Grounding Brush. Stock ratings available include 1 through 50 HP in Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) or Open Drip Proof (ODP) Foot Mounted designs along with 1/2 through 5 horsepower in TEFC, C-Face Foot Mounted designs. The new Super-E Motor with Baldor Shaft Grounding Brush is designed with a carbon brush mounted internally to divert shaft currents away from motor bearings, thus increasing the life of the bearings. While the use of across-the-line motors is still common, the use of drives to control motors has become more prevalent in recent applications. However, when motors are controlled by a drive, it can create the potential for common mode voltage, which can cause voltage spikes in the rotor. The internally mounted Baldor Shaft Grounding Brush can prevent the voltage spikes from damaging the bearings. For more information, contact Brad Chrudimsky at brad.chrudimsky@baldor.abb.com or 479.788.8532, or visit www.baldor.com.



Check-All-Valve_cutoutButt Weld (B4) Check Valve

Check-All Valve introduces the Butt Weld (B4) check valve for use with schedule 40 pipe (other schedules on a per quote basis). The one piece body is machined from bar stock eliminating porosity concerns and providing uniform density for more consistent welds. Standard materials of construction are 316SS and carbon steel with many more exotic materials also available. With their rugged, dependable Check-All trim, this valve will stand up to the most rigorous conditions. With many series available, Check-All Valve provides check valves for practically every service application. Valves are offered with metal-to-metal or soft seats in sizes ranging from 1/8 inch NPT to 20 inch flanged connections. Pressure ratings are available from full vacuum to 10,000 PSI. We are ISO 9001 certified and most styles comply with NACE, ASME/ANSI, API, CE, CRN, and other standards. Most options are available for fast delivery. For more information, visit www.checkall.com.



Watson-Marlow-520-720-GroupPRPeristaltic Chemical Metering Pumps

Watson-Marlow offers the widest range of peristaltic chemical metering pumps and tubes, capable of handling flows from 0.0015 GPD to 17.6M and up to 100 psi. Watson-Marlow cased pumps have no seals or valves to clog, leak, corrode or replace. They successfully handle the harshest fluids, stand up to the toughest industrial environment, and pump with extraordinary accuracy and flow control up to 875,000:1 in one pump. The duty fluid is contained within a chemically resistant tube; there is no contamination of the pump and no contamination of the fluid. Watson-Marlow cased pumps combine the toughness industry demands with the features vital to today’s highly tuned economic production techniques. Our pumps are easy to install, maintain and clean and are configured for industrial integration: PLC remote control, analog, SCADA and Profibus network control. With more than one million pumps in the field, our peristaltic pumps give our customers maximum reliability and minimum downtime. For more information, visit www.watson-marlow.com.