Oxford YASA Motors with TorqSense

Oxford YASA Motors, a company created to commercialize the revolutionary YASA motor developed by Oxford University’s Energy and Power Group, is finding that a TorqSense non-contact speed and torque sensor from Sensor Technology is an invaluable aid in the refinement of its world-leading motor designs. Used in a test rig to evaluate prototype motors, the sensor provides accurate and dependable real time information in a readily accessible format. The YASA topology is based around a series of magnetically separated segments that form the stator of the machine. For more information, visit


Vibration Mote Model 3

Petasense’s Vibration Mote Model 3 (VM3)’s smart sensor enables variable speed equipment monitoring. VM3 is a revolutionary sensor that combines speed detection with triaxial vibration and temperature, enabling continuous monitoring of variable speed assets. Variable speed, intermittently operating, and spared assets have traditionally been difficult to monitor with predictive maintenance programs since the equipment could be operating under different conditions when measurements are taken. With VM3, users can trend readings under consistent operating conditions. For more information, visit


L4N1XP Thru-Bolt Ratchet Wrench

Reed L4N1XP Thru-Bolt™ ratchet wrench keeps the dirt out. New XP model features sealed ratchets for best performance and extra protection for jobsite conditions. The four sockets in a dog bone configuration are designed to stay on the handle, meaning no loose sockets. This wrench replaces the need for multiple wrenches and sockets—carry one wrench for all your jobs. This is the ideal wrench for water, sewer, and gas installations and maintenance. The L4N1XP is made in USA. For more information, visit


TURBOVAC i/iX Family of Pumps

In June 2020 the vacuum specialist Leybold expanded its TURBOVAC i/iX series—90, 250, 350, and 450—by the sizes 850 i/iX and 950 i/iX to six models. The two new turbomolecular pump variants are characterized by extended, trouble-free operation, longer system life, and lower operating costs. They are used in many applications from research and development and analytics to industrial. In other words, especially where a clean and stable high—and ultra-high vacuum is required—such as in coating, heat treatment, analysis, thin-film research, and helium recovery. For more informaiton, visit