Finally, transient pressure monitoring that makes sense. The patented Blacoh SurgeWave Defender is the latest generation pressure monitoring device from Blacoh Surge Control. This patented device can monitor and record transient pressures up to 100 times per second which is not possible with gauges and traditional SCADA systems. High frequency recording is the best way to capture high speed events occurring within your piping system. The SurgeWave Defender monitors your pumping and pipelines 24/7 with fast 4G LTG cellular connectivity. This allows you to fine tune your piping system and access critical data at any time. You can also configure your device and calibrate remotely from anywhere using your PC or smartphone. 

The SurgeWave Defender is simple to set up and easy to use. There are two inputs to capture pressure, flow, level, etc. If a pressure transient occurs, the unit will store the high-speed data that you need to understand what is happening in your system. If nothing of interest is detected, it stores minimal data needed to observe overall trends. Transient thresholds and sensitivity can be adjusted remotely, and the system will generate automatic alerts when events are detected.  

Liquid level in your surge vessel or pulsation dampener can be monitored using a differential pressure transducer. You can remotely monitor the performance of the vessel and view overall trends. All data captured is GPS time stamped and stored on a cloud server which can hold years of data, so you never have to worry about storage. The time stamp allows you to precisely compare data to other systems or devices. You can use a backup battery to capture pump trips and events during power outages. The SurgeWave Defender also features an external cellular antenna which can be extended for installations below grade. 

When considering protection and recording equipment for your system, keep in mind how fast pressure can change and fluctuate. Pipe breaks are most often associated with pressure surges or fatigue.  Eliminate expensive damage and repairs with 24/7 constant monitoring. The SurgeWave Defender can help detect leaks, ruptures, faulty actuators, insufficient air valves, and more. You do not have to choose between too much data and not enough data, and the easy to use interface takes the stress out of accessing your data anytime from anywhere. 

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