Hilube Line-shaft Bearing

Vesconite Hilube bowl, stuffing box, suction, and line-shaft bearings continue to operate in a condensate pump in the United States ten years after installation. Vesconite Bearings pump representative Charlie Simpson recently returned from a six-week Mexico and U.S. customer-calling tour in which he visited a long-standing customer in Virginia to receive this report. The customer is a pump repair workshop that offers timely and cost-effective repairs and specifically offers upgrades to shafting, bearings, and wear rings to enhance performance and efficiency in older pumps as well as repairs and rebowls vertical turbine pumps. For more information,


Bio-Extreme High Temperature Oven Lubricants

Bio-Extreme High Temperature Oven Lubricants perform to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius) and beyond, making them ideal for use in refractories, foundries, steel mills, and other high temperature industrial areas. They are ideal for kiln car wheel bearings, drying ovens, paint lines, sealed for life units, automatic lubrication systems, and more. Because they are formulated from renewable carbon negative resources, these environmentally responsible lubricants help facilities to meet their sustainability initiatives. For more information, visit


Snap Sampler® Passive Groundwater Sampling System

The Snap Sampler system delivers a PFAS-free alternative for groundwater sampling and enables fast sampling with no limitations on analyte testing. The Snap Sampler system uses unique sample bottles with snap sealing caps that are set open at both ends. The bottles are loaded into individual Snap Sampler modules that can be stacked in series to match sampling requirements. Water within the well screen zone moves through the bottles and reaches equilibrium with formation water moving through the well. To collect samples, a manual trigger line or pneumatic actuator releases the spring-loaded caps and captures samples under in-situ conditions. For more information, visit


Series 200 High-capacity Vacuum Breaker

Warren Controls announces the Series 200 high-capacity vacuum breaker, ideal for use on outdoor tanks where there may be concern over falling temperatures causing tank collapse. The 200 vacuum breaker opens gradually to admit outside air to relieve the vacuum in the tank, eliminating possible damage caused when falling liquid levels and condensing steam causes a vacuum that can damage a tank. Available in cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel bodies and seats, the Series 200 is offered in sizes ranging from 2 to 12 inches, with a variety of trim and paint options. For more information, visit


Caterpillar Pullers 

Caterpillar pullers move pliable materials like tubing and profiles, safely and quickly, without deformation or crushing. Even pressure is exerted over a wider area so the materials are gripped firmly yet gently. They are available with or without drives, and are ideal for use in OEM equipment like braiding machines and extrusion lines (food grade versions available). They can also be used to automate handling of sharp materials like bandsaw blades, resulting in a much safer workplace. For more information, visit


Presair Vacuum Alarm

Presair offers a cost effective and efficient device to monitor the amount of vacuum in an airline. Much like the pressure alarm Senasys manufactures, the Presair vacuum alarm is designed to grab the attention of qualified personnel to prevent and fix issues before they cause significant downtime. This Vacuum Alarm is a perfect way to be alerted when vacuum rises or falls in your system. By pairing a vacuum switch with a quick connect coupling, this allows for effortless setup. For more information, visit


Subsea Grease Injection Unit

Logan Industries has successfully delivered a subsea grease injection unit as part of a complete subsea wireline pressure control system for a major subsea oil and gas company. The grease injection reservoirs and monitoring/switching unit was part of an entire system, complete with surface intervention type hydraulic power unit (HPU), reeler and umbilical, subsea grease head and lubricators, and subsea connections. The customer required a way to provide grease to their subsea grease head by using a subsea grease supply point. For more information, visit


Design Envelope Pump

The new Design Envelope pumps are available for use with single phase power (200-230V) from 1/3 to 2 horsepower and, for increased reliability, are built to a design standard carried over from commercial pumps. In addition, because the mechanical room piping for light-duty fluid-flow applications is often installed vertically, these new single-phase pumps can be installed and operated in vertical piping. As with all Design Envelope pumps, the technology is built around a demand based intelligent control solutions. For more information, visit


Marathon Globetrotter Motors

The new Marathon Globetrotter motors are high-quality three-phase general-purpose motors that can be controlled by an inverter and are rated up to 200 horsepower. Globetrotter motors are offered in open-drip-proof enclosures and rolled steel TEFC enclosures, as well as models in a cast-iron enclosure rated for areas classified as hazardous locations. A new series of three-phase permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors, the Marathon SYMAX, can only be powered and controlled by a VFD but provide improved efficiency even at lower speeds and partial loads. For more information, visit


AARNA Mini Pumps

The newly launched mini range pump from KBL offers an array of features like superior quality and higher resistance against corrosion. It has cathodic electro deposition (CED) coating and provides five times more protection over conventional painting, resulting in longer life. The advanced electrical design and wide voltage range operability offer protection against voltage fluctuations from 180 to 260 volts thereby reducing chances of motor burning. The mini pump has a thermal overload protector (TOP) for protecting the motor from overloading. For more information, visit


SignalFire Ranger Transmitter

Measuring and monitoring when you need it, how you want it, and where you need it has never been this easy. No matter your industry, if you need to monitor equipment, pressure, flow, temperature, level, compressors, pumps, generators, and more, the SignalFire Ranger transmitter provides flexible, secure, real-time connection in a user-friendly package. Once the Ranger transmitters are connected to your measurements, you can immediately track conditions, troubleshoot problems, change monitoring parameters, receive alerts and alarms, and take action from any web browser. No software installation is required. For more information, visit


Oil Mist Eliminators

MV Oil Mist Eliminators help keep the environment clean and people safe by removing harmful oil vapors from a vacuum pump’s exhaust stream with 99.9999 percent efficiency. Featuring replaceable microfiberglass coalescing filter elements with a 0.1 micron pore size, they come in four models from 4- to 10-inch diameters. Fully RoHS compliant, MV Oil Mist Eliminators can be configured to recover or recirculate costly pump fluids. For more information, visit