Ecosmart Diaphragm Metering Pump

In many applications in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, or even the food industry, pumps that work reliably and provide high performance are needed. At the same time, they must have convincingly low investment costs. With the Ecosmart diaphragm metering pump, the LEWA has provided a cost-attractive and safe model that is reliable for many years. 

For use in applications with higher flow rates, the pump expert from Leonberg, Germany, is now expanding its product range with two new sizes. In addition to the LCA version, the Ecosmart will also be available in the more powerful LCC and LCD versions in the future. The stringent use of similar components within the Ecosmart product family keeps production costs and therefore the final price low. At the same time, a high level of safety can be guaranteed by focusing on all essential design features such as the pressure relief valve or the proven sandwich diaphragm with continuous monitoring. 

The larger versions of the Ecosmart pump are also suitable for industrial water treatment, such as in seawater desalination or industrial cooling circuits. What counts here above all is compactness and cost-effective design, which the entire LEWA Ecosmart series fulfills thanks to its innovative design principle.  


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