Type 5503 Differential Pressure Gauge
The heavy-duty Ashcroft Type 5503 differential pressure gauge provides reliable low differential pressure measurement in high static, wet-wet media applications. Equipped with wetted materials of 316SS or Hastelloy C, the rugged Type 5503 DP pressure gauge is specifically designed to monitor a wide variety of caustic liquids and gases. 4- and 6-inch dial face versions are available in ranges from 0/30 IWD through 0/300 psid and offer optional features including 5801 psi static pressure containment, liquid fill, electrical contacts and a choice of mounting hardware. For more information, visit or contact Lou Altieri, senior product manager, at 203.385.0220 or
Tank Alert EZ Alarm
The Tank Alert® EZ alarm enclosure meets Type 3R water-tight standards. The interlocking enclosure features a unique sound chamber to amplify the horn while helping prevent moisture from entering. Indicator marks on the bottom of the enclosure provide installers with easy placement of cord entry locations. External mounting tabs offer quick, easy installation. The Tank Alert® EZ alarm includes an alarm test/horn silence switch, green LED power on indicator, and auxiliary contacts for remote devices. The alarm can serve as a high or low level alarm based on the float switch model used. Optional terminal block models available. CSA Certified and backed a three-year limited warranty. For more information, visit,, or call 888.342.5753.
One Series Electric Switch
United Electric Controls (UE) manufactures the One Series line of electronic pressure and temperature switches for hazardous locations. With fully adjustable set point and deadband, no moving parts and temperature compensated repeatability, the One Series provides an ideal instrument for controlling the on/off trip points for pump control. The One Series provides IAW® (I Am Working) self-diagnostics and plugged port protection—everything required for simple and accurate pump optimization. For more information, call Rick Frauton, product manager for electronic switch products, at 617.321.1231 or
Terra SmartConnect (SC)
The Terra SC is a cost-effective direct-current (DC) charger specifically designed for convenient fast charging in commercial and office areas. It fully charges an electric car in 30 to 120 minutes, while the driver attends a business meeting, goes to the movies or enjoys a meal. The Terra SC is also ideal for people who want to keep driving but don’t necessarily need a full charge: it can charge the battery of currently available EVs from 30 percent to 80 percent in less than half an hour. More applications include workplaces, fleet operators, parking operators, rental companies, car dealerships, shopping malls, and the EV infrastructure service providers who serve those applications. For more information, contact Heather Flanagan at
Noritz America
NRC661 Tankless Water Heater
The ENERGY STAR-rated NRC661 makes choosing a high-efficiency, tankless water heater for the home more affordable than ever, especially when replacing a storage-tank-type unit. Featuring the same energy-saving condensing technology as the rest of the Noritz ecoTOUGH™ series of gas-fired residential tankless water heaters, the NRC661 is the market’s smallest condensing tankless water heater. But it can deliver 6.6 gallons per minute, with a maximum input of 120,000 BTU per hour (BTUh), using a half-inch gas line up to 120 feet in length. A new, more accurate interpretation of the National Fuel Gas Code permits the use of the smaller-diameter gas piping for inputs up to 174,000 BTUh. For more information, contact Yonius Saritoh at 714.433.7831 or
Micro Dosing Unit Type 7615
Bürkert’s micro dosing unit, developed especially for dosing of neutral and aggressive liquids in the μl range, combines maximum precision and extremely high chemical resistance. The pump comprises of three valves—one inlet and outlet valve, respectively, and a third valve for the pump function. If necessary, all three valves can be opened and flushed simultaneously. The active inlet and outlet valves allow for bi-directional pumping. This enables the user to mix media in the hose or channel or to keep media in constant motion to prevent sedimentation, for example. In addition, the pump has dry running capabilities and even continues pumping if there is gas in the medium. An integrated heating function allows for warming of the valves and of the medium if needed, to ensure functional reliability also at low temperatures. For more information, visit
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