The new LOVATO ADXL series of 30 A to 320 A soft starters eliminate electrical and mechanical problems during motor start-up and shutdown. In different application scenarios, it offers a significant reduction in maintenance costs and provides greater operational continuity.

Soft starters are the best performing solution among reduced stator voltage starting devices. LOVATO Electric’s new 30 A to 320 A ADXL series performs two-phase control and provides advanced features for motor starting, stopping, monitoring, and protection. The current transformers (CTs) in ADXL devices constantly monitor the current and their control algorithm keeps the currents on the individual phases well balanced during starting and stopping. The ADXL series, with the two-phase control technology, is a compact and competitive solution that ensures high performance in all applications.

The ADXL series soft starters are ready for use out of the box. In AUTO set-up mode, the set-up is simple and intuitive, and takes just four simple steps:

Choose the language (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German);

Enter the current range of the motor, setting the rated current between 50% and 100% of the soft starter’s size;

Select the type of application, using the presets that span the most common uses (general purpose, centrifugal pump, fire fighting pump, conveyor, fan and mixer);

Starting duty: depending on motor load, the same application can be standard or heavy duty.

The new two-phase ADXL soft starters add torque control and the kick start function. The torque control provides motor starts with very gradual acceleration and deceleration: this drastically reduces mechanical failures and transmission wear. Kick start is the function that makes it possible to start a motor when the initial torque is not sufficient to overcome the initial friction forces, providing high torque in the very first few moments of start-up.


For more information, visit www.lovatoelectric.com.

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